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Privacy Policy:

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Dear visitors your privacy policy is very important to us, and the privacy policy is updated when necessary. This privacy policy is all about this blog site, and the information such as your IP address, internal pages, surfing sites, browser info and also the number of clicks are collected. This is only for providing better services to you.
Cookies and Web Beacons

Eazy Feeds Blog uses cookies to store information about visitor’s presence and history in order to provide better services to our site visitors and also the customized web pages content that are based on visitors browse type.

Controlling Your Privacy

Disabling cookies for all sites is not recommended as it interfere with some sites that you use. This is a best option and it’s used to enable or disables cookies on site basis. You can change your browser setting and disable cookies, if you have privacy concerns. Please consult your browser for documentation and instructions on how to block cookies.

Something about Advertising

Any advertisement that served by Google and some other affiliate companies are also controlled using cookies. These cookies are allow for Google and Some other affiliate companies to display their ads based on your visits to this site and also some other sites that uses Google advertising and affiliate services.

Double Click DART Cookie

What is Double Click dart Cookie? This is also about Google advertising: The Double Click Dart Cookies used by Google in their ads that are served on publisher website displaying adsense ads for content. This procedure works when a user visit any adsense publisher website and click on adsense ads, then a cookie may be dropped on that end user’s browser. The data that are gathered, these cookies will be used to help Google adsense publishers provide better services and manage ads on their sites. If users want opt out of the use of the Dart Cookie by visiting the Google adsense and its network privacy policy.

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If you’re using this site then you must need to agree with Privacy Policy that are written above and if you require more information about our privacy policy and have any question about it then feel free to ask.

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