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Tuesday 21 June 2016

None Of My Ministers Are Corrupt - Buhari

The senior special Assistant to President Buhar, Mr. Femi Adesina have stated that Buhar’s anticorruption war is not selective. In an interview he granted Premium times, Adesina defended Buhari’s war on corruption.

Premium Times asked Adesina this: “Are we really winning the corruption war? Some people out there still say it is selective. They say if it is not, point to any APC member that is in court? Also, there appears not to be any corruption case that has been concluded.”

Hear Adesina’s response.

“You don’t just go running after people because you want to give the semblance of a balance.

“If there is no allegation against an APC person or if there is no prima facie case, you don’t just bring them to trial just because you want to create a balance.

“But if there is any prima facie case or there is a need for any APC person to be pulled in for questioning or to be tried, you be sure that will happen.

“Then the second leg of the question is – how many people have been convicted? Unfortunately, the executive does not convict.

“The executive does not pronounce judgement. There is absolutely nothing the executive can do in a polity where there is separation of powers.

Asked why the EFCC is probing the PDP Campaign Fund and not that of APC, Adesina stated that “There is no immunity for probing APC campaign funds. The president will not probe himself. Nobody stops anybody from probing it.

When asked about alleged corrupt officials in PMB’s team, Adesina stated that “The president has answered that question and the challenge he threw was – give me the evidence against them.

“You can’t just on the basis of suspicion say this person is corrupt. If there is evidence against them, give me the evidence. He said it even at the media chat. He said if you have evidence even against a serving minister, that minister will answer for it.

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