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Monday 4 July 2016

Lagos state police command alerts residents on new tricks employed by robbers in the state

The Lagos State Police Command has alerted residents of the state on the new tricks employed by armed robbers to carry out their attacks, particularly at night. Spokesperson of the state command, Dolapo Badmos, in an interview yesterday July 3rd, said the criminals, in an attempt to rob or kidnap their victims, now switch off running power generating sets or sometimes turn off tap water, to lure their victims out of their homes and then carry out their planned attack.

“Residents should be careful when they discover that their generators stop working or notice water gushing out from their taps, at night. They should watch carefully before going out. If they notice strange movements, they should call the nearest police station. This is why residents are advised to know the telephone numbers of the Divisional Police Officers (DPOs) or station phone numbers close to them,’’ she said.
A resident of the state, Tunji Ajayi, who was recently attacked by robbers at his home in the Agbado area of the state, confirmed the new tricks employed by the criminals. Speaking to PM news, he said the robbers turned off his generator while it was working at about 2pm and when he refused to come out to check on it, they carried the generating set with them.
“When they could not gain access into my house, they became frustrated, they then decided to take away my generator. I left my generator on at night as usual, but at about 2 a.m, the generator suddenly went off. I took my time to observe what must have happened through the window before stepping out, but suddenly, I heard footsteps, so I decided to stay back. When the criminals realized that I was not coming out immediately, they decided to take away my generator,’’ he said.
Another resident of the state who gave his name as Micheal, said he almost fell victim to the criminals new trick
“Usually, I put on my generator set from 7.30 p.m to 11 p.m. on daily basis. I guess, these suspected criminals had been watching me. On this particular day, I was about going to put it off, when I heard footsteps. I decided to stay back, after which, the hoodlums started threatening me to open the door, but I refused and started to scream and they fled,’’ he said.

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