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Wednesday 13 July 2016

You are on your own, Dalung tells Siasia, NFF

The Ministry of Youth and Sports, yesterday blamed the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) and the chief coach of the national U-23 team, Samson Siasia for the sufferings of the Olympic-bound team, currently in a training tour in the United States of America.
Coach Samson Siasia and his U-23 Olympics team are reportedly facing hard times in the United States of America with the team facing a threat of being thrown out of its hotel if the NFF fails to pay its bills today.
It was gathered that the team has been living on arms through the help of some Nigerians in the United States, who are friends of the coach, but the Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung, has insisted the ministry was not part of the team’s trip to USA.

Dalung said yesterday that despite advising against the trip based on the current economic situation, the NFF and Siasia ignored the ministry’s advice and proceeded to the USA, insisting that the ministry has nothing to do with the team’s camping in the States.
“That our U-23 team is suffering in the United States is news to me because we do not know what they are there for. Also we do not know who actually took them to the United States of America. Does it mean that if somebody goes to market and has a problem, you come and ask the ministry. Who took the U-23 team to where they are now? Because the U-23 team went to the USA and is having problems should not be our business at all.
“For your information, we are not part of the team’s trip to the USA; we were not told about the trip, so what they are facing in their trip is not our business. Before you ask us to account for something, you should know whether we are aware of it. The situation is being painted as if we were the ones that sent them to the United States of America; I think it should be the business of those that sent them there to carter for them, it is not our responsibility. We cannot take responsibility for anything that is done outside the protection of our laws," Dalung insisted.

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