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Wednesday 24 August 2016

Buhari blasts Muslims killing in Allah’s name

 President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday declared that any Muslim who shouts “Allah is great’ before killing in­nocent people has mental problems.
Represented by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo at the launch of the revised National Counter-Terror­ism Strategy (NACTEST) in Abuja, Buhari said that “it is either they (Muslims) do not know the meaning of those words or they are sim­ply deranged.”
He said that “these ene­mies (Boko Haram) are es­sentially an insane nuisance because they revel in cow­ardly attacks.”

The President, who not­ed that the war against ter­rorism was unconventional, said that his administration would review its strategy to win the war against the in­surgents.
Buhari said: “There must be an understanding that the war against terrorism is the most unconventional one. They (terrorists) do not re­spect any rules of engage­ment; they kill the defence­less including prisoners, use children and humans, girls and consider the killing of anyone at all at a victory.
“Therefore, as we think through our strategy we must remember that to per­manently win the physical battle, we must win the bat­tle of the minds of even the most impressionable young men who sign up to join Boko Haram and other vio­lent extremist groups.
“We must understand that terrorism is essentially a psychological warfare and as such is psychologically so­phisticated and we must ed­ucate the youths through the leadership of our faith that neither Islam nor any oth­er religion that we know en­dorses the slaughter of any­one,” he said.

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