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Tuesday 27 September 2016

Edo Decides 2016: Kogi Group Urges Edo People to Embrace PDP, Vote out APC says they are Full of Deceits

Kogi democratic group ‎has advised the entire edo people to support the pastor osagie ize iyamus candidature to liberate them from years of enslaved and political deciets of the comrade governor,adams oshiomole under APC

Media officer of the group Abdul Nuhu dropped this message countdown to the extension granted APC government in the state in connivance with INEC and security agencies to scuttle the victory of PDP and the peoples pastor

The group warned the comrade governor as the proponent o‎f "one man,one vote,one woman,one vote,one God father,one vote,one God mother,one vote"he should not do anything to undermine the critical tenets of democracy proclaimed publicly by his administration

He reminded the comrade governor under APC led government a lot of misinformation particularly to the traditional class to woo them into his third term project as the custodian of our culture and rallying point,saying that system has failed this time around

The comrade governor according the group spokesman has achieved nothing interms‎ of human and infra structural development,saying the little he did in the first tenure became a hub of foreign investment through capital flight after winning the second term evidenced by the marriage of a non nigerian

He said under the APC led government and a former labour leader state workers,pensioners were owed several months of arrears of their entitlements while the governor has plunged the state into huge indebtedness through foreign loans and advances

The group sympathised with the people of etsako‎ as the first opportunity given to the area through power shift has been mismanaged by the comrade governor through maladministration,insults and loquacious noises around the state

Nuhu said a vote for pastor ize ‎iyamu of PDP in the forthcoming election will transform the state as he is a man with a lot of experience and down to earth with the people of the state

He said the APC as a party has failed Nigerians in the last 15 months of its reign as the economy is seriously ailing with no solution in sight only resorted to raining excuses,stating that the need to lay the foundation of change the change in 2019 begins in Edo

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