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Thursday 13 October 2016

FRSC Official Beaten Up by a Motorist in Abuja (Photos)

An FRSC official got beaten up by a huge man today after his Mercedes was forcefully halted by the official's bike for making a call while driving.
According to AfricanEye, an FRSC bike carrying two officials speedily overtook a man driving a Mercedez 4matic SUV along Wuse 2, Abuja and suddenly parked in front of the moving vehicle.
The sudden stop caused a collision between the vehicle and the bike leaving both officials thrown to the ground. Both officials quickly got back to their feet while one tried making a call.

The infuriated driver alighted from his vehicle shouting on top of his voice dashed towards the officials, collected the phone and smashed it on the ground. The man held the rider by his neck and tried strangling him and shouting "I'll kill you today, look at this mad man" .

The other official sighting the trouble moved to a side of the road and watched his partner being beaten up even after people had come to his rescue.

The man stopped the assault at intervals to explain what happened to the onlookers before resuming his beating session. All the while, the official didn't raise a finger back as all. He kept saying was, "I saw you making a call while driving, you are not above the law"
It took the intervention of the police to end the scenario before the man was calmly led away in his car to a nearby observation point.

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