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Friday 29 July 2016

PRESS RELEASE: Stop pettiness and hypocrisy, Nigerian Wailers blasts Benue Government, Abounu on Mark D Ball

Our attention has be drawn to the reprobative and wicked plot of the Benue Government orchestrated by the deputy governor Engr Benson Abounu to stop the annual Mark D Ball social event put together for the purpose of entertaining, educating and a source of annual recreation for the good people of Idomaland in Benue State during the end of year yuletide.

Since the commencement of the event over the years, no report of breech of public peace, violence or threat to the lives of people, it has rather turned out to be a source of yearly entertainment and a plus to the commercial activities for the people of Idoma. It is sad that the deputy governor, who is from the area in an attempt to build a good relationship with the state's governor is playing wicked politics with the lives of the people just to score a cheap political point.

The deputy governor has not in any way used his influence to bring any meaningful developmental project to Idoma land which can impact on the socio-economic improvement of the people but rather prefers to play politics with the already earmarked "Mark D Ball" event.

The event which is usually held between December 26th through to December 31st is put together by the President of the 6th and 7th Senate, Senator David Bonaventure Mark, but due to political party differences and insensitivity to the desires of Idoma sport and music lovers, the deputy governor has gone ahead to use a faceless element to file a court injunction to stop the event. The court adjourned the case till 17th of January which automatically means that the event cannot hold as the deputy governor so wish to deprive athletes, small scale businesses the goodies that comes with an event that is recognised by the Nigeria Basketball Federation.

We are therefore appalled by this sinister move to react since our group is for the defence of human rights of Nigerians against any and every form of bad governance. The least one will expect is for a deputy governor who desperately needs to retain his position and may be nursing some futuristic ambition is to use his selfish and calculative plans to disenfranchise the good people of Idoma whom he professes to love from participating in their usual Mark D Ball event.

It is wise that instead of playing dirty politics with the passion of the people, the deputy governor who is an indigene of Idoma should have supported the event for the overall interest of the people devoid of political partisanship and avoid putting up a dirty political fight through the back door by sponsoring faceless rascal to stall the event through a court injunction.

We still vividly recall the sad event that played out recently in Rivers and Ondo States where the Benue State Governor and his gang took billions from the state's treasury to rig in favour of APC, and was confirmed by Rivers State governor Nyesom Wike via a press conference. This should be a source of worry to the Benue people who are being robbed in broad daylight, as the government has shown lack of will to face real governance but is doing well in pettiness, playing  bitter and dirty politics. The deputy governor should be concerned with how the civil servants in Idomaland & Benue at large will receive their over 11 months unpaid salaries, how the pensioners will receive their over 2 years unpaid arrears, how meaningful projects will be attracted to Idoma that will  impact on the lives of the people.

We are asking if the deputy governor, who sponsored the faceless group to stall the annual hosting of Mark D Ball event weighed the advantage of such event over his own political gains? This is one sensible question he should have asked himself if truly he is a pro-people and a true son of Idoma land. The deputy governor in a bid to dissociate himself quickly issued a press statement after the organisers decided to respect the law court without been mentioned, this further shows his involvement in the saga.

We call on all the meaningful people of Idoma land, especially the Judiciary not to allow themselves to be used as willing tools in the hands of some undesirous elements who are just fortunate to find themselves in powers.

We as a group shall continue to speak out for the overall and greater good of the people of Nigeria irrespective of where they come from once it comes to our knowledge, the deputy governor should retrace his step urgently and immediately.

Ibrahim Sani Ringim

National Publicity Secretary

The Nigerian Wailers.

Headquarters, FCT, Abuja Nigeria.

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