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Sunday 26 March 2017

PDP CRISIS: Mixed Feelings as GEJ is Uncomfortable With Alimodu Sheriff and Makarfi

According to various sources who spoke to Post-Nigeria in confidence, on Saturday night, the ex-President is “uncomfortable to stay in a party that has thrown caution to the wind, and lost all sense of decency.”

“Jonathan would not sit and watch as the Ali Modu-Sherriff and Ahmed Markafi debacle tarnishes his hard earned reputation. If Jonathan’s effort to bring lasting peace to the troubled PDP fails, then the ex-President would not have an option, rather than to use the exit door.”

This came as Jonathan on Saturday, threw his weight behind the Governor Seriake Dickson-led Peace and Reconciliation Committee of the PDP.

According to him, a political solution remains the best option to tackling the ongoing crisis in the PDP.

The ex-Nigerian leader who received the Governor and members of his Committee in his country home, at Otuoke, Ogbia Local Government Area, Bayelsa State, urged the contending parties to embrace compromise and negotiations, as a way out of the current challenge.

This is coming at a time when the Dickson Committee, is said to be seriously considering an out-of-court settlement on all the pending legal cases, as the only solution to the long-winding crisis in the party.

Jonathan, who lamented the rising number of cases at the Election Petition Tribunals, contended that Nigerians had surrendered the power to choose their leaders to the Judiciary.

“Here in Nigeria, we have surrendered the power to choose to the courts. We must return the power of electing our leaders back to the people,” he said, clarifying that his position on the need to allow people choose, did not amount to disrespect for the Judiciary and presiding Judges.

He added: “I respect the Judiciary and Judges. They are credible men and women. They have decided to serve the people. They also starve themselves to semi imprisonment. The average Judge does not socialise to maintain their integrity. When we go and enjoy ourselves, they don’t. They are respected. We (just) want our votes to count.

“Not that after voting, a judicial panel will upturn the vote. I am calling on Nigerian youths to call for a close review of the election process to hand over the power of choice to the people,” he said, adding that the resort to the courts have increasingly limited the people’s participation in the electoral process.

“After voting, it is 10 million votes for Governors or President. Your mandate may be upturned by a few Judges and this is anomalous in Nigeria. They (political leaders) may be distracted. They will not sit in the office and start going to court. And they are not supposed to be distracted. If a Governor or President is sitting and facing litigation costing millions, his performance will be limited”, he posited.

He implored PDP members to always explore political solutions to problems, before rushing to the courts, noting that: “I have always believed that political differences should be resolved outside the courts. Unfortunately, we are already involved in it. It has even gone up to the Supreme Court. But we are hopeful of a political solution. Party politics is supposed to be a family affair and ought to be resolved amicably, without resorting to the courts,” Jonathan noted.

He observed that while court cases would usually result in a winner-takes-all situation, deploying the tools of politics, including negotiations and compromise, would give better outcomes.

“I believe a political solution remains the best means of resolving the crisis in the party, and that is why the Dickson Committee must be commended. No two parties go to court and come out smiling, especially for a political party like the PDP, that is in the opposition,” he stressed.

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