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Sunday 30 April 2017

Sule Lamido Invited by The Police - Adamu Muhd Usman

The leader of the masses, Dr. Sule Lamido was today, Sunday, April 30, 2017 invited by the Zonal intelligent Bureau Office Zone sequel by the petition written by Jigawa state governor, Alhaji Badru Abubaka alleging that, Lamido is threatening the peace of the state because of the forth coming LGC elections come July 1, 2017.

People should witness what emperor governors  like Badaru is doing in Jigawa State or is he afraid of his none performance that will lead him to witness electoral losses and relevance if he conducts the LGC elections now?
If the APC is jittery to confront PDP in an election organized by its electoral commission, they will go into coma come 2019 when the opposition party is ready to crush them in the national election. With the dismal or poor performance of the APC led government in Jigawa state, no any political office holder including the governor has the capacity and courage to go on campaign tour in the rural areas. The masses are waiting for the delivery of the empty and spurious promises
I adivice Jigawa state governor,  to emulate the attributes of his predecessor,  Sule Lamido because the present style or approach of Jigawa government’s deprivation, intimidation, victimization, humiliation and vendetta cannot stand, because they are not the principles of democracy. During Sule Lamido’s tenure, the opposition enjoyed equal rights as any other party individual without sentiment, segregation and political affiliations.

I appeal to Jigawa state governor, Alhaji Badaru to allow democracy to be, he should please conduct the local government council elections as soon as possible as the constitution provides. This will go along way to taste the popularity and achievements of APC led government in Jigawa as well whether they can stand the challenge.

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