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Monday 29 May 2017

Calls for Bello’s Resignation Laughable, Unnecessary - Group Says

The Coalition for Truth and Justice has described the calls in some quarters for the resignation of Kogi State governor, Yahaya Bello by ‘some misguided elements’ as ridiculous and unnecessary.

‎Some members of the All Progressives Congress in Kogi State have recently called on Governor Yahaya Bello to resign over the accusation that he registered twice for Permanent Voter Card.

The spokesman for the members, Sen. Dino Melaye had claimed that the people of Kogi State and the party were dissociating themselves from the act and called on Bello to resign immediately or risk impeachment.

“We are saying that as stakeholders in Kogi politics and the All Progressives Congress, we condemn in its entirety the fraudulent behaviour of Yahaya Bello, the Executive Governor of Kogi State.”

“Kogi people are responsible people and we expect to have a responsible governor. As at the time he was contesting that election, it showed that he was not a registered voter in Kogi state.

Reacting, however, CTJ in a statement by its National Coordinator, Barrister Timothy Charles‎, said it was unfortunate that some mischievous people who parade themselves as APC leaders have chosen to overlook that important point to feast on irrelevant issues.

Charles noted that the Independent National Electoral Commisn [INEC],  had made it clear that voter education is one of  its cardinal principles and that it is a continuous exercise as it cannot be done overnight.

He added that, “Some eager Nigerians are yet to understand the ‎part that has to do with transfer of voting centers but have gone ahead to register again when they find themselves in new locations as was applicable under the old system.

“This was apparently what happened to Bello hence the circumstance is devoid of any untoward  intention.  ‎

“But these few Kogi APC leaders prefer to expose their ignorance by acting beyond their limits and assuming a position that is way beyond their powers.
The group’s leader said by calling on Bello to resign, the hastily contrived group has exposed itself to ridicule by claiming to know more than the nation's electoral umpire and by threatening to impeach him they assume again that they can dictate to the State House of Assembly which is the only body that has the statutory powers to do so.

“One way of gauging the seriousness of an enterprise is to look at the profile of those championing it and that is the crux of the matter.

“One of the prominent leaders of the group is Dino Melaye,‎ a man who has continued to bring shame and ridicule to Kogi State by his alarmingly illogical comments on the floor of the Senate and elsewhere.

“This is a man who is struggling with an identity crisis that even his real name is not known as it keeps changing and his credentials are so fake that they cannot withstand the slightest scrutiny as seen recently.

“To put the records straight,  Governor Bel‎lo is discharging his duties responsibly as governor and cannot resign because he has not done anything unconstitutional to warrant that.

“Providence and the good  people of Kogi that put him there still want him in that office to continue the good things  he is doing.

‎”The likes of Melaye should be ignored as they have nothing concrete to offer and are only clutching at straws to survive the political turbulence charging at them.”

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