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Wednesday 7 June 2017

BIAFRA: Faceless and Coward Northern Youth Groups.

Igbo say the want Biafra, you insult them, humiliate them.

Some of the supported Restructuring, you still insult them, you call them confused. Buhari's Minister, Mr Malami even said restructuring is a tall dream.

They want to leave peacefully to a nation where they can manage themselves and live together in peace, you call them all sort of names.

The question begging for an answer now is, who is more confused between the Igbo and the faceless and cowards parading themselves as Northern Youth Groups. Because I am aware that these faceless groups do not represent the wishes of every sane Northern youths.

It should be noted that, Hausa Fulani Youths threatening Igbo should be aware that the Igbo of 1966 is not the same now, Igbos are more sophisticated, they have advanced in technology, robotic system, engineering and design of warfare. They cannot be threatened in their own country, they are not of less value to others from remaining parts of Nigeria.

If all you are thinking or relying on is your people in the police or Army to help you fight them if war break out, you will certainly lead yourself to a quick ruin, Igbos now have international ties to world super powers who will not allow them to be treated anyhow again.

So, Nigerians, leaders should call these idiots and faceless groups trying to cause acrimony in Nigeria to order immediately. Every other parts of Nigeria, especially the Yorubas will support Igbos because we are very much aware that they don't deserve all the treatment being meted on them.

Stop issuing stupid statements you idiots from the North. If you try any rubbish with our people, remember your people are also In the south, gone are the days we allow civility, if you dare kill any one southerner, 100 of your own people will be slaughter like ram on our land too.

Adelaja Adeoye

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