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Tuesday 13 June 2017

Stay Healthy: Benefits of Drinking Water in The Morning

Drinking water is beneficial to your health, but the health benefits of drinking water first thing every morning are far-reaching. To understand why drinking water in the morning is important, let’s consider a simple analogy.

The human body can be likened to a complex machine that works non-stop every minute of every day until its engine (the heart) stops. If you have a fair idea of the way machines work, you’d know that such a machine would require regular oiling to keep its different moving parts, including the engine working optimally. Water is that oil that your body requires to keep the various parts in top shape.

Why Drinking Water In The Morning Is Important

When you drink water immediately after waking up, you’re actually getting your body set to begin, or rather, continue with the day’s work. Keeping our interesting analogy in mind, let us consider how drinking water in the morning works for your body.

Rehydration: Your body never stops working, even while you are asleep. Your heart, for example, is still pumping blood through your veins, lost energy is being regained and hormonal balancing and other metabolic activities are ongoing, even though at a slower rate. These activities deplete the level of water in your system and drinking water in the morning provides the needed replenishment for your body cells and organs to utilize.

Detoxification: Another benefit derived from drinking water in the morning is that you provide your body with a good supply of fluid to flush out the toxic waste products of metabolism that occurred through the night. This cleansing process gets rid of harmful substances that could have disrupted the normal functioning of your body. For example, the hydrochloric acid that your stomach secretes while you are sleeping can lead to you having heartburn, but drinking water in the morning reduces the acid level in your body and spares you from the irritation of heartburn.

5 Health Benefits Of Drinking Water In The Morning

1. Improved Metabolism: Drinking water in the morning (especially cold water) helps to get your metabolism charged up and ready to go. As a result, you feel refreshed and are more active throughout the day.
2. Weight Control: When you drink water in the morning and follow it up with a healthy breakfast (preferably one with high fiber or protein) it helps you to stay full until lunch and makes you less likely to have unwanted cravings. This is desirable for maintaining a healthy body weight.
3. Healthier organs: Because you start them up the right way, brain, your skin and other organs of your body stay healthy and in good condition. Your brain, being made up mostly of water (75% by volume) gets the needed boost for optimal performance. Being well hydrated helps to cleanse your bloodstream of toxins and so gives your skin a natural glow.
4. Better Bowel Movement: Drinking water encourages bowel movement, cleanses your colon and prevents you from having constipation.
5. Disease prevention: Drinking water in the morning helps to prevent different kinds of ailments that are usually indirectly caused by dehydration.

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