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Friday 16 June 2017

What More Can a Classified Site Do For You

It’s common knowledge that with a classified site you can sell and buy goods and also purchase a service.
But there are more to classifieds than just buying and selling, classifieds may have existed with the impression that this it’s a marketplace domiciled in the online sphere but over time it’s functions have grown beyond its stereotyped roles specifically as it has recorded a lot of successes as a tool for social-commerce, as an enabler for local trade and a market substitute for e-commerce.

Above is just to peripherally delve into the core of what classified sites have done so far since its emergence, an emergence that owes all to the internet boom. Many classified sites such as the likes of Jiji.ng, Postwanga.ng, olx.com.ng and mobofree.ng that exist in the Nigerian classified marketplace all ventured with very basic propositions and offerings but as trends began to show that the market has the capacity to grow by consuming more they began to enable some more features, first as way of value-add which inadvertently became selling propositions and later became very important avenues for users, these avenues includes:

Classifieds as a job platform – not all classifieds offer users the opportunity to post job openings and also the opportunity to search for jobs.  As it stands today, the marketplace is not just an online store but also an enabler. Unlike basic e-commerce platform known for only buying and selling and jobsites known for only job listings, classifieds have demystified the conundrum of what an online service provider should be by giving users more value for absolutely no charge.

Classifieds for hobbies/leisure – this I very unique in the sense that users who offer services like hotels, leisure spots, recreational centers, fitness centers etc. can list these services on a classified site like Jiji.ng or Postwanga.ng where other users can access them for free. This value-add offered by classified have turned-up the ante by reducing the rate people wander around the web for services that they can access by making use of a single platform.

Listings for your pets – lovers or owners of pet can also take advantage of some classified sites that offer their users the opportunity to list sales or services for pets.  Typically, with this listing a pet lover can purchase a pet like dogs, cats, rabbits etc. making use of a classified site, while a pet owner can purchase feeds, veterinary services and wares for their beloved pets.

Businesses on classifieds –  users can now also advertise their business be it a corporate entity or limited liability using a classified site. Besides the immense SEO value this brings to that business it also a form of business development being that such a business can be found on the classified site and could also be crawled by google when key search terms are made on the google search engine.

The advantages and offerings of classifieds are very enormous and for classifieds such as Jiji.ng, Postwanga.ng or olx.com.ng the opportunities they offer are really cool, dynamic and absolutely free.

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