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Wednesday 26 July 2017

Opinion: My Humble Take on The #NotTooYoungToRun Campaign by Angela Ochu-Baiye

This is another long lengthy read. I encourage your contributions but you are advised to read properly before commenting...

There are various narratives going round and arguments I have heard so far. Some I agree with because I understand the ignorance behind the argument, some I don't agree with because I also understand the ignorance behind the argument. So for me ignorance is the key word. And this has to do with certain aspects of the campaign not ALL.

Please for record purposes I wouldn't be too young to run if the age bar was dropped because at the moment I occupy and have occupied various positions of leadership to which I believe certain rules were broken for my sake because I showed competence and the ability to increase my capacity in both learning and hands on work. Rules were broken because growth was needed. My work over time has proven itself and if I decide to run for a position I really wouldn't need to speak as much because my work would speak for itself. Was it easy? Definitely not at all. Did I like all aspects of it? No! But responsibility demands results and not excuses. So I get the job done! You are talking about daily sacrifice that would take a whole lot from you. Each leadership position was a stepping stone for me for the next level ..
So a friend of mine resigned from his job and part of his role included being the official handler of the EFCC twitter handle. He started to trend on social media. People were finally able to put a face to the great job done so far. If you speak to him he will tell you he doesn't know why people are making a big fuss about what he did because he was just doing his job. I connected with a post he made on his instagram page when he spoke about his resignation. Like me he said excellence and diligence are the minimum requirement for him in any job he does. He also went on to give advice to people that it's not about liking the job but doing your job well as long as it's in your purview . My friend is young like me....now tell me with this mindset and proof of competence and capacity , if he ran for political office what would stop him from applying the same values and principles he presently has to run that office??? Nothing.!!
He was given a letter of commendation and as record would show no one in EFCC has gotten such for the past 10 years. Not too young to run right? Ok!
I have come across 18 year olds that have no clue about life, 24 year olds who do not know their left from their right, 28 year olds who have conversations as if they had the mental capacity of an 11 year old not because of any mental challenge but sometimes unfortunately their exaggerated opinion of themselves and entitlement mentality present them as daft when I converse with them, I have met people of my age range who can not creatively put their reasoning hat on to come up with solutions. Not too young to run right? Ok! I have also met 18 , 24, 26, 28 year olds and people within my age range who are nothing compared to the above. Some I mentor personally so I speak from experience. What does this say? It says that stupidity and ignorance have no age barrier. It applies to the young and old.
I am deeply offended by a line of thought that goes with the #NotTooYoungToRun campaign which is if an 18 year old can vote, or be jailed then he isn't too young to run for office. Meaning an 18 year old should be able to run for the position of the president of the federal republic of Nigeria or as a governor of a state. I started to wish I was consulted before this line of thought was used as a campaign strategy because that is plain dumb and this is why I say so.... what does it take to vote? All you need is a voters card , your decision of which candidate to vote for and going to the polling unit to vote and you are done. It doesn't take much. What does it take to be jailed? Break a law, you are caught , prosecuted and you are jailed. It doesn't take much.!!! if you think it does, go and kill someone , rob, or rape...jail straight!!! Big question what does it take to hold an office? So now based on the fact that you can vote and be jailed it predisposes you to have what it takes to hold the office??? I mean was this thought through? Someone I spoke to said well it just means they should be able to run it doesn't mean they will be elected!!! Seriously??? ..and I was like so I waste my time sifting through a long list of 18 year olds who would jump on the opportunity just because of their age and wasting people's ear space to hear all sorts of comedy!!! All in the name of running...WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO RUN FOR AND HOLD THAT POLITICAL OFFICE.? DO YOU KNOW DEAR YOUTH.? CAN YOU RUN THE VERY LITTLE OFFICE YOU HAVE AND EFFECTIVELY DO SO? IS THIS THE BASIS FOR WHICH YOU WANT TO TAKE ON A MORE CHALLENGING OPPORTUNITY FOR THE BENEFIT OF YOUR COMMUNITY AND NATION.?If yes you have my support If no please GET OUT! and stop causing more problems for other well meaning youths
I am tired of watching young people expecting things to be thrown at them just because they are young. This is the same energy I put into arguments when I hear women expect things to be given to them just because they are women. Are you encumbered in your mental capacity because you are a woman?are you an invalid because you are a woman? What kind of woman are you? Same with a young person. What kind of youth are you to command my respect and attention, that I wouldn't see your age when I look at you but see your vision and get inspired to follow your leadership. Young people must prove themselves or they will make a mess of themselves if power is given to them. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!
Yes dropping the bar so that younger people can enter the space of democratic leadership is a much welcomed idea...to 18 is daft in my opinion based on the rationale behind it. It's a different case if based on recent developments we witnessed a flood gate of 18 year olds in Nigeria who were showing these traits and doing so marvelously well that it became so urgent to bring the attention of the senate that 18 year olds actually have what it takes to run and hold office....LETS JUST LEAVE THAT FOR NOW
Now I didn't support Donald Trump's campaign for personal reasons but one of the things I believe helped him in his campaign from what I hear people say was that he was and is a successful business man, he has clearly done well in the world of business and has evidence to show for it and while he wasn't a politician which other people argued to his detriment, the fact that he was a successful business man made some people believe that he would be successful in running America while he should be given the chance to learn the ropes of how diplomacy works, etc. DEAR YOUTH PROVE YOURSELF IN WHATEVER FIELD YOU ARE IN SO THAT WHEN THE OPPORTUNITY FOR DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP COMES YOUR WAY BECAUSE YOU DESIRE IT FOR THE GOOD OF ALL, THROWING THE AGE CARD AS A PLUS WOULDN'T BE NECESSARY BECAUSE YOUR AGE ISN'T A PLUS WITHOUT COMPETENCE, VISION , PRINCIPLES, CORE VALUES AND THE ABILITY TO LEARN!
THAT SAID! I wish more creative strategy were considered in the campaign...like I said MORE , I am sure there are.
I started to ask myself what may cause a well meaning youth who has what it takes to run and hold such office being prevented to hold that office apart from his or age barrier. Should that have been the focus of brainstorming to find strategic moves to support the campaign? A young person may not have the financial capacity to pay for all the necessary media coverage that the older and more experienced politicians have considering .... so the same way women running for the position of the presidency like Sarah Jibril under PDP then did not pay a dime to get a running ticket ,should this apply to youths also? Can part of the proposed bill carry certain incentives the youth must enjoy from media houses to help with their campaign as long as they meet certain criteria?i.e WE FM 106.3 being obligated by law to give airtime value to any youth who meets a set criteria to speak to the public as when necessary to help ease off financial cost. Same with T.V and print media. Is it possible for all media houses to be compelled to attach a team specifically to candidates who are youths... after all WE the media are the fourth arm of government based on our constitution. This could be the little role we play in ensuring the support of young competent people in governance.
Now I know that the narrative going round is that our present leaders and those who led over the past few decades who are and were old have failed Nigerians and so it's easy to say a younger person would do a better job. Come on! Isn't that a little simplistic? Did they fail because of their age? Is there a curse of failure that comes with age? LET'S LEAVE THAT
Do I want more of the youths in democratic leadership positions? Yes! Same with how I want more women in same positions. While some will say it's part of the feminism move I look and wonder what move they are talking about. But the question is why do I want more women and youth in democratic leadership positions??? Clearly not just because they are young and they are women..I don't even want them to occupy more positions because they have the potential to be great leaders because as Ekaette Umoh would say there is nothing to celebrate in being a potential. I want more women and youths to occupy democratic leadership positions because THEY ARE ALREADY LEADING WHERE THEY ARE AT THE MOMENT.
Thank you...

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By Angela Ochu-Baiye

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