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Monday 10 July 2017

Opinion: Not Even All Igbos Of SE Wants Biafra - Ifeyinwa China Onyeabo

I seriously do not understand some of you. A lot of you are against abusive marriage or against marrying someone you do not fancy. For a long time, these people have said they do not fancy you. Why are you forcing yourself on them? Not even all Igbos of SE wants Biafra but then you can tell those ones that they should ask for a referendum so they can vote no.
You will also get a reasonable of Biafrans in Anioma, that I am certain. In a place like Etche, you will also get. Why not concentrate on where you have homogeneity and likelihood of your referendum succeeding ?

How many IJAWS comments on Russell's post? The young man have tried for years now to bridge the gap to no avail. Nnamdi Kanu will go to Rivers State and leave Etche land where someone like Dede Chibu is and go to Ijaw and gather Igbo people living in Ijaw land to be hailing him. He will leave Afam where Effizy Obi is from and go to Ijaw land and gather Igbo people living in Ijaw land to hail him. He will go to Delta, leave Anioma and leave Uduh Chinedum Biafra and go and meet Urhobo and get ridiculed.

Asari have granted interviews upon interviews to no avail. You have suffered and have been persecuted for GEJ. You are still suffering, yet you are not wanted. The moment you decided to sit at home for your fallen heroes, the same people became more pained than Hausa Fulani.

You guys should mind your business. What is it? Tact for how long? I do not want my children to grow up in a Nigeria where he is being told to pamper certain people. Marriage is a two way thing which is why I do not always wait for my husband to Initiate the "I am sorry tune". Sometimes I say it first.

What sort of marriage is Nnamdi Kanu trying to drag me into? The only reason I have not started open attack on Nnamdi is because I appreciate good things and I am not a defender of injustice. It is only those who hates justice that will despise a man fighting a just cause. If not, I would have rejected this his Biafra through and through and you guys will not do anything except shout and scream.

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