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Tuesday 25 July 2017

Sweet Stories: MR RIGHT - Episode 10 By Evelyn Ivy Ojo

“Wura…….” Abike screamed her cousin’s name in dismay
Wura ran out in confusion not able to comprehend if it was a call for celebration or otherwise.
“Abike, kilode?....why are you crying?”
“Wura, temi ba mi, just collect that album from her”

Wura collected the album and perused. She was able to identify Tunde immediately. It was a full family album with pictures ranging from wedding ceremony, naming ceremonies, child dedications in church, family outings etc. In all these pictures, Tunde and the woman appeared as husband and wife; one happy family. There were even pictures of Tunde and the woman as young lovers.
“Madam please this whole thing is still not clear…ejo ese alaye…please explain” Wura said still in confusion
The woman hearing that was more than willing to explain. She wanted her husband to herself alone. She narrated how she started a relationship with Tunde when she was just 18. They grew up in the same area in Abeokuta axis. She revealed that Tunde’s parents were very poor. Despite his poor background, Tunde was the most intelligent child in their community. His nickname was Mr English because of his ability to express himself properly in English language unlike others.
After secondary school, she started amala business from the savings she got from the daily allowance she received every day from her parents while she was in school. She hawked from one street to the other. She was able to sponsor Tunde from the proceeds she got from the business. She was able to save a enough money which she used to rent a shop.
She mentioned that Tunde’s parents are forever grateful for what she did for their son. They got married on Tunde’s insistence when he finished his NYSC. According to her, he feared that someone else will take her away from him because her business was doing so well. He moved to Lagos when he got a job. He has however refused to bring them to Lagos claiming that she has a business to handle in Abeokuta. The child she had on her back was just 3 months old. Meaning her and Tunde were very much in good terms.
“bawo ni e se de bi (How did you get here?)” Abike asked in confusion
“Brother Deji lo mu mi wa si bi (Brother Deji brought me here)”
Deji is a very close friend of Tunde whom Abike never really got along with for no particular reason. He usually kept a straight face each time he accompanies Tunde to her house. At least, now she understands why.
Abike could not believe what her ears were hearing and she could not believe what her eyes were seeing too. The woman urged Abike to ask Tunde to come over in order to clear her doubts.
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Written by Ojo Evelyn

Evelyn Ojo is a writer who dwells on love, family issues, societal issues etc. Her stories are fictional.

for more stories you can hit her up VIA social media

facebook: web.facebook.com/evelyn.i.ojo

Instagram: ivyeve2

Send her an email: ivylove0350@gmail.com

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