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Sunday 30 July 2017

Sweet Stories: MR RIGHT- Episode 13 By Evelyn Ivy Ojo

“Jennifer and Bose, Nkechi and Fredrick, Abike and Folarin, John and Nick, Jemila and Divine, Onome and Kelvin…..”
The head of programmes Mr Sanni called out names of those he had up paired to work together during the NGO’s outreach.
Apart from Abike, other members were old members even her partner. Members of the NGO were all professionals who had passion to serve humanity. Most of them had gone very far in their career and were wealthy. As a public health specialist, she specifically chose to work with this NGO since they render free healthcare services in rural communities.
“Quickly meet with your partner, collect your work tools and proceed to the bus…the bus leaves in the next 30 Minutes….no delay please” Mr Sanni further instructed
Her partner Folarin seemed strict though; he greeted her casually and lead her to where they will get their work tools.
Abike was so excited to be a part of the NGO’s workforce. There were so many people to help. She felt fulfilled carrying out her duty knowing that she was not going to get paid for it. She and her partner gave health talks to the attentive crowd after which they counselled those that needed counselling privately. She noticed her partner was still very uptight, no side talks just work and work alone. Abike felt he was feeling pompous or something.
The second day of the event, Abike had become friendly with one of the female members called Jemila. She had the opportunity to chat with her during lunch break and she complained about her partner.
“Hahahahahahah…..hahahhahaha…oh my God, I can’t believe this… do you know he said the same thing about you…” Jemila said to Abike laughing sonorously
“Really?” Abike replied in amazement
“Yes ooo…he said you form a lot” She said giggling
“Can you imagine…he’s the one that does all the forming ooo”
“Okay… now that I know you both are misunderstanding each other…I must look for a way to bring you both close ooo” Jemila added still giggling
“No Jemila please…it’s not like I care or I want to be friends with him or something…I just mentioned it casually…please don’t let him know I discussed with you before he starts feeling like a superstar”
“Okay my lips are sealed…I won’t say anything” Jemila assured her with her index finger crossing her lips.
“Mind you Folarin is a very lovely person ooo…the only man we have in our group that doesn’t want to get married”
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Written by Ojo Evelyn

Evelyn Ojo is a writer who dwells on love, family issues, societal issues etc. Her stories are fictional.

for more stories you can hit her up VIA social media

facebook: web.facebook.com/evelyn.i.ojo

Instagram: ivyeve2

Send her an email: ivylove0350@gmail.com

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