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Wednesday 12 July 2017

Sweet Stories: MR RIGHT - Episode 2 By Evelyn Ivy Ojo

Just as she was reaching for her phone, she missed her step and fell straight into the ditch lying straight with her face down.
…”Oh no … this can’t be happening to me”… she said aloud as she tried to help herself up.
Suddenly, she felt a strong masculine hand gently lifting her up asking if she was okay at the same time.

…”I’m fine…thank you”…she stuttered
She quickly tried to adjust herself and then she realised she was all messed up. He gave her his face towel to clean herself up. The smell of the fragrance he had on was heavenly; it was all over the small towel.
… “I guess you are here for the party”…he asked smiling.
…“yes I am”…Abike replied
….“I could take you back home to clean up and change to something else if you don’t mind”… he offered.
His voice was very soothing, all the pain and misery she felt at that moment ceased.
…”no please don’t bother…I will just get a taxi” she managed to say.
The strange man insisted and before you could say jack, they were already on their way to her house. The thought of what she would pick when she gets home ran through her mind. If it wasn’t an all-white party, it would have been easier for her.
As she entered her room, her mind drifted back to the young man waiting for her outside. He was an angel sent from up above, she wondered how she would have managed if he hadn’t showed up. She quickly settled for a white dress she bought some time ago but never really liked. She wiped her face with a face wipe and hastily poured water on her body to clean off the mess she had on her. There was no time for perfect make up. She just touched her face and rushed outside. She apologised for keeping him and his response was divine. There was this calmness about him.
….”my name is Tunde….the celebrant’s husband is our client…I’ m representing my company”… he said as he drove with a smile on his face.
…“I am Abike…Linda is my friend and colleague”….Abike replied
….”hmmmm I never knew an angel like you will be attending this event…I wouldn’t have grumbled when I was asked to represent our company …goodness me…you are sooooo”… she quickly cut him off blushing
…”Oh come on Tunde stop patronising me”…
…”sincerely you are”…he chipped in
…”okay ooo….let me take it as a compliment then…I think I will have to say thank you then….so….. thank you”…. She said still blushing
…“you are welcome”… he replied. …”I saw you alighting the Taxi. I came outside to receive a call and then I saw you trip.
…”hahahahaha…that moment was just too awkward, it was as if the ground should open”... she said giggling
They spent the rest of the time chatting till they arrived at the venue.


Written by Ojo Evelyn

Evelyn Ojo is a writer who dwells on love, family issues, societal issues etc. Her stories are fictional.

for more stories you can hit her up VIA social media

facebook: web.facebook.com/evelyn.i.ojo

Instagram: ivyeve2

Send her an email: ivylove0350@gmail.com

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