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Monday 24 July 2017

Sweet Stories: MR RIGHT - Episode 9 By Evelyn Ivy Ojo

The loud bang on her door woke her up from her sleep. She didn’t plan to wake up early since it was a Saturday and she will not be going to work. She didn’t even know it was morning already. Wura arrived the previous night and they were up till about 1:30am catching up on old times. She struggled to get out of bed and walked sluggishly to the sitting room.

“Who is that?” Abike asked a bit angry that her sleep was disrupted
“Madam na Musa”
Musa? She thought. What could be the problem this early morning? Musa is Abike’s gateman in the house.
“Wetin happen oga Musa” She asked unlocking the door
“Madam one woman dey look for you”
“Nah which woman be that” She opened her door slightly
“Madam she say she be from oga Tunde”
“Tunde ke?”
“Yes madam”
Tunde and his surprises. She wondered what he was up to this time around. That was how he ordered early morning breakfast for her one particular Saturday morning.
“oya let the woman come nah”
“okay madam”
She decided to wait for the woman by her door. The loud bang had woken Wura up too. She came to join Abike at the door.
“Babes what’s up, who was that?”
“It’s Tunde ooo, he sent someone to me. That guy will not kill me with surprises”…She replied as she smiled sheepishly
“Hahahahaha…two love birds…” Her cousin said in admiration
“So where is the person?”
“My gateman has gone to fetch her from the gate”
“Okies, meet me inside when you are done”
“yeah, babes”
Wura had just gone back in when Musa appeared with the woman. She was not alone; she had four children with her. She had one tied to her back and the others walking behind her.
“Madam see the woman”
“Thank you Musa, you can go” abike scrutinizing the woman and the kids she had with.
“Good Morning Ma” Abike greeted the woman
“Ooo… Ekaro, Good moriiiiiing Ma,” The strange woman responded in Yoruba accent not adding letter “n” after the “r”
“How may I help you please?”
“Nothing moosi ooo” . Intending to say nothing much
She stretched out a photo album to Abike as she continued with a firm look.
“ I just wan tell you say I be Tunde wife”
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Written by Ojo Evelyn

Evelyn Ojo is a writer who dwells on love, family issues, societal issues etc. Her stories are fictional.

for more stories you can hit her up VIA social media

facebook: web.facebook.com/evelyn.i.ojo

Instagram: ivyeve2

Send her an email: ivylove0350@gmail.com

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