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Monday 28 August 2017

Being A Woman Is Not A Joke

Thousands of women in Nigeria suffer from severe excruciating period pains likened to the early stages of labour. This pain for some women extend to their legs causing a numb feeling . Few women understand the pain except they have experienced what labour is like.

Imagine a woman in labour attending to you in an office, responding to your query on the phone, driving a car, having to explain to an aggrieved customer, casting the news on TV or hosting a programme on radio ...imagine a woman in labour having to do that. Few will understand but women sometimes have to take several doses of pain killers to stay sane which isn't even necessarily advisable considering they will have to keep this up every month...the effect on the kidney??? Not good!! they rather stay with the pain to secure their kidney. That's another story...
If this is you consider practicing your breathing exercises, that's if you did it while you were in labour and if you have never had a child before you can read up about it. When the pain comes, try not to panic, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Oxygen In your system is a great pain reliever. When we go through pain we subconsciously stiffen up and hold our breaths...we crunch hmmn .... Try relaxing (it's a MIMD thing) and concentrate more on your breathing. I hope you find some relief.


Angela Ochu-Baiye

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