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Thursday 24 August 2017

My Heart Bleeds For Society - A Mans World?

A girl is raped and brutalized ..the system and society rape her again by calling her a whore. The man who rapes her is free ...He is a man after all...a man's world? Hmmmm
A girl gets pregnant out of wedlock, the system or society either makes her want to abort the child and if she stays with the child society looks down at her and expects nothing less than failure from her. The child already is born into an unfavorable atmosphere. The man who gets her pregnant? He is free...He is a man after all... a man's world? Hmmm

I suppose that's why mothers and fathers are tougher on girls...she is the one to 'bear' all. She ought not to look too good or dress in an appealing manner. She ought not to cause the man to 'sin', if he does gboooyyyy it's her fault , go ask Adam. She is called the seductress even by her doing nothing where a man is attracted to her. I suppose that's why parents tell the girls 'o don't go out, stay home, you are protected in the home, cover your hair, don't wear a sleeveless top, don't draw attention to yourself ' . The guys are allowed to be irresponsible and it's ok! I mean after all it's a man's world yes? Hmmm. I suppose maybe somehow little girls start to feel 'wrong' . There must be something wrong with me, maybe I am only good enough for sex, there isn't much to aspire for after all let's keep it all for marriage... and who marries the responsible girl? Hmmmm? Its sad really... But let's leave that

I Always wondered the mindset of a man who rapes a woman. Simple....He has no respect for her, he thinks he is a god (I mean it's his world right?) and can do as he pleases, he thinks everyone must bend over backwards for him after all there is something so special about him, he doesn't value the woman...the rapist I mean...she is nothing but a piece of a 'pleasing tool' .

The mindset of a rapist? I have the law and society behind me, it's my world, I rule it, I tell it what to do and how to behave towards my kind....The mindset of a rapist? I don't care about you, and so I will plan perverse thoughts and make sure I carry it out and there is nothing you can do about it ....hmmm
Oh my heart bleeds ...
Not for the victim
And not because my heart wouldn't bleed for them because indeed my heart is broken
But my heart bleeds for society
We are our own undoing and we have no clue
Lord! Raise MEN who would say it's YOUR WORLD and not theirs.
Raise MEN who have your heart and not just the appearance of it
Teach us as parents to understand the enormity of our responsibilities and the effects of our irresponsibilities on our children.
And finally Lord heal the mind and heart of anyone who has been raped that from their pain will rise the WILL to live as you intended them to. Give them the grace to lift others who have also been devastated by this ....AMEN


Angela Ochu-Baiye

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