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Monday 21 August 2017

Naija Breezy Stories: HEARTLESS - Episode 1 By Evelyn Ivy Ojo

Amarachi had just clocked 20 when my mother introduced her to me as her friend’s only daughter. She wanted me to marry her. I was on leave and had come from Lagos to see my family in the village. I was the eldest child and I was already doing well for myself at 25.
I grew up in the village and only left when I got scholarship to study in the US after my secondary school at age 16. I came back to the country after my graduation, finished my NYSC and started work immediately.

I was feeling very reluctant at first when Nne my mother sang praises of her to me. I just didn’t like the whole idea of marrying a village girl who was just a school cert holder being that I was a degree holder working with a multinational company in Lagos. Besides, I already had eyes for a beautiful banker in my church but immediately I set my eyes on Amarachi, my whole being changed, I had never met anyone as beautiful as her. Her face was angelic, bold and welcoming. Her scintillating eyes could stare into any soul and make the hardest heart melt. Her smile was warm and it generated a lovely glow creating a beautiful ambience each time she let it out. Her skin was luxurious and it shone radiantly.

“Let me leave you both to talk…ennn” Nne said smiling as she left us in the sitting room. My younger siblings were at Papa’s shop assisting him. Papa had the biggest provision shop in the village; he started the business way before he married Nne.

I was still bedazzled by her beauty. I cleared my throat severally trying to let out a word but I could not. I could not believe I would feel that way with an ordinary village girl. Yes, I was always very shy with girls but I never thought this kind of scenario would be an inclusion. Amarachi had noticed the uneasiness and thank God she broke the ice.

“You are welcome brother…hope you are enjoying the village” My mind skipped as she asked rolling her eyes

“Thank you Amarachi….I am…Nne is really feeding me well” I giggled touching my stomach

“Hahahahaha….that is Nne for you ooo…she knows how to take care of someone”

“My prayer is for her not to kill me with food ooo” I laughed aloud and she joined me too

“Brother she won’t ooo…she will only make you look finer”

“Ok ooo…if you say so Amara” I replied abbreviating her name and then there was total silence again. I decided to break the ice this time around.

“So Amara, why did you stop your formal education at Secondary school level?”

She let out a deep breath moving her gaze away from me.

“Brother no money ooo…Nne and Mpa does not have money to send me to school…I have cleared my WAEC already and I would have really loved to further my education”

“I see…you sound very intelligent and you are very fluent in English. What course would you like to study?”

“Ennnnnn….I like accounting Sir”

“Are you very good with figures”?

“Yes brother, I am”

“Well that’s nice…don’t worry I will get back to you concerning your school”

Her face brightened up.

“Okay brother…thank you” She said smiling

We chatted some more and I really enjoyed her company. I noticed she was outspoken. She just knew how to keep a conversation going. I suddenly developed that fluttering feeling in my stomach; the butterfly kind of thing.


All rights reserved.
Written by Ojo Evelyn

Evelyn Ojo is a writer who dwells on love, family issues, societal issues etc. Her stories are fictional.

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