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Tuesday 22 August 2017

Naija Breezy Stories: “HEARTLESS” - Episode 2 By Evelyn Ivy Ojo

Amarachi bade Nne goodbye while I saw her off. As we stepped out of our compound, I saw my Childhood friend Obi approaching our house. I couldn’t walk her any further because of him. I apologised and assured her we would see again. She briefly exchanged pleasantries with Obi and took her leave.

“Guy, how far nah, what’s up with you and this babe” Obi asked inquisitively with his eyebrows raised as we both shook hands.

“Hmmm…Obi its Nne ooo….She wants me to marry her”

“Marry Amara? I don’t understand…but Amara has a boyfriend in this village nah” He said with a puzzled look

“Really…are you sure” I asked wishing it wasn’t true

“Yes ooo…but he has not been around for a while now…don’t tell me you like her already”

“I must tell you the truth Obi…this girl blew me off my feet today…I think I like her already”

“Hmmm…Bro just remove your mind from that girl because she loves that guy like say tomorrow nor dey ooo”

“Are you serious…well thank you for telling me…nothing spoil nah”

“No problem Bro…I nor go fit let you fall inside well nah”

“Who told you Amara has someone she wants to Marry, eeenn Emeka…when did Obi turn to Amara’s parents…he is obviously interested in her and wants to ruin your chances with her…that girl is very free…her parents are ready to collect her bride price even right now as we are talking” Nne screamed after I told her what Obi had said to me when he left

“Nne calm down…I’m not sure Obi meant any harm…maybe it was a mixup.” I said trying to make her bring her voice down

“Mixup kwa…see, my son put your mind to rest…Amara is not engaged to anybody...unu go?"

“Okay Nne but I don’t want to rush things…my plan is to send her back to school. I will sponsor her in school and then marry her afterwards”

“Ehen…now you are talking my son…don’t worry Amarachi’s mother is my best friend and she and her husband have both agreed to give their daughter’s hand to you in marriage…I will discuss with your father on how we can go and meet her family…they need to know what you have proposed in your heart to do”

“Okay Nne…but I will still need to ask Amara if she likes me too”

“You can go ahead my son” Nne released a big grin as she tied her loosed rapper

The next day, I met with Amara. She told me she was not in any relationship with anyone and that she likes me. I let her in on what I had in mind for her and she was so excited. She thanked me endlessly and promised she will never let me down.


All rights reserved.
Written by Ojo Evelyn

Evelyn Ojo is a writer who dwells on love, family issues, societal issues etc. Her stories are fictional.

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