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Friday, 6 October 2017

Micro Zoning In PDP A Time Bomb By Franklin Ogbu

Micro zoning, is one of the systems that encourages imposition of candidates and should be discouraged by every lover of good governance and democracy.

2. Micro zoning, does not allow the participation of the best candidates in electoral processes, limiting the choice of the electorate or delegates and scheming out of some of the best candidates. Over time it has been the monster within the internal democracy of PDP.

3. Micro zoning encourages ethnic bigotry. It encourages impunity and alienate competent hands in the affairs of ruler ship and administration. Most times when some particular offices such as that of the President, National Chairman and National Publicity Secretary are micro zoned, it often times leads to protest and mass exit of members. Considering our nation with a lot of ethnic groups, micro zoning these offices is a time bomb waiting to explode in PDP.

4. PDP at this time must learn from the past mistake if we must get it right. We must discourage this indirect imposition of candidates through micro zoning. This has been the problem we have been experiencing as a party.

5. The unity of our party and its followers will be fortified if we can remove the "monster" called Micro zoning and allow free participation.
Party members and the delegates will be encouraged to participate actively in our electoral processes when it is free, fair and transparent.

6. Removal of micro zoning by the leadership of our great party will bring healthy competition. I therefore call on all lovers of democracy and good governance to reject the micro zoning the office of the President, National Chairman and National Publicity Secretary because it will divide us instead of uniting us.

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