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Sunday 15 October 2017

Why Politics Of Acrimony In PDP Internal Election?

Why do supporters of other National Publicity Secretary (NPS) aspirants retort to attacks against Prof Abubakar Sulaiman Olanrewaju the most favoured candidate to clinch the position of the spokesman of the party (National Publicity Secretary) hinging their attacks on funny issues that they cannot defend including that he could not deliver his state for PDP? They keep attacking using unfounded allegations they cannot proof just to run down other aspirants.

Did their own National Publicity Secretary aspirant deliver his own state for PDP in the just concluded 2015 general elections?

They could not deliver PDP Governed States. These were people holding executive power  controlling the security of their state and in possession of enough resources to deliver but yet they failed.

Why are supporters of other aspirants playing politics of rancour and acrimony in PDP internal elections raising unfounded allegations and even getting to the extent of raising false and malicious allegations they can never prove?

If all other supporters of other aspirants will retort to attacking their opponents, PDP will become war zone.

Therefore, we call all aspirants to refrain their supporters from attacking other aspirants. We would not want to be provoked to also attack other aspirants as this is an internal election that both the losers and winners supposed to close rank after the election and work together.

Wisdom demands restraint.

*Director of Media, Prof. Abubakar Olanrewaju Suleiman's Campaign Organization.

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