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Friday 2 February 2018

Nokia Set To Relaunch The 3310 With 4G, Apps And Wi-Fi

But you still have to press a button four times to get an 's'.

Re-releasing retro technology with more up-to-date bells and whistles is seemingly the new thing – just look at how well Nintendo's SNES Mini did.

Nokia, once the world's most popular smartphone manufacturer (going from our school days at least), is jumping on the nostalgia bandwagon with a new version of one of the most iconic phones of all time: the 7600.

No, we're just kidding, that thing was trash.

We are, of course, on about the Nokia 3310.

This new re-release is coming equipped with all the things you'd expect in a smartphone: 4G connectivity, a camera, Android apps, an SD card slot, a USB connector and (gasp) a headphone jack.

Currently it looks like the 'new era' 3310 is only going to be available in China, where it will be releasing in February apparently, but if there is enough demand, we can't imagine Nokia wanting to pass up the opportunity to make themselves a bit of money and get their names on everyone's lips again.

You might remember that a modern 3310 released last year, which is true, but because of its outdated 2.5G, it didn't really catch on despite the budget price of £50.

Here's hoping a 4G 3310 catches on, if only because it sounds like the perfect phone to take to a festival (if you get any signal, that is).

From: Digital Spy

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