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Tuesday 29 May 2018

Reno Omokri Enumerates Buharis Lies On Democracy Day - See List

I just watched President Buhari’s Democracy Day Speech and I am stunned at the level of lies contained in just one speech. Quite possibly Buhari just broke the Guiness World Record @GWR on most lied in a speech. I will now enumerate his lies one by one #BuhariDemocracyDayLies

1-Buhari lied by claiming to increase foreign reserves.PMB met a reserve of $32 billion on May 29, 2015. In 3 years he has borrowed ₦11 trillion. This is more than PDP borrowed in 16 years combined. It is from this debt that he has ‘increased’ our reserve

2-Buhari lied by claiming Integrated Personnel And Payment Information System (IPPIS) as an achievement of his government. IPPIS was initiated, started, implemented and completed by the Jonathan administration.

3-Buhari lied that he “inherited a weak economy”. He inherited the world’s 3rd fastest growing economy, according to @CNNMoney. He failed to appoint a cabinet for 6 months. It weakened the economy and led to recession.

4-Buhari lied when he said Nigerians are enjoying increased power supply. This is such an obvious lie. He has not built a single power station. The last power station built in Nigeria was built by Jonathan. I ask you, has your power improved? 

5-Buhari lied saying Boko Haram‘s capacity is ‘degraded’. It runs counter to the testimony of the #DapchiGirls who testified that Boko Haram now have planes and they land them within Nigeria.Boko Haram didn’t have planes under Jonathan

6-Buhari lied by saying he has improved the education sector. By his third year Jonathan had built 120 Almajiri schools and 12 universities. Giving out licenses to the private sector to build a polytechnic is not an achievement. Buhari should be ashamed

7-Buhari lied by claiming 7000 Megawatts power as achievement. The devil will have trouble beating that lie. Nigeria under Buhari is not even regularly transmitting half that number. Perhaps he means IGP’s ‘TRANSMISSION’ and not electric power transmission

8-Buhari lied by claiming the construction of the 2nd Niger Bridge as an achievement. No bridge has been constructed. No contract has been awarded. The ₦2 billion released was money earmarked by Jonathan not Buhari.

9-Buhari lied by claiming US FAA Category 1 status as an achievement. Nigeria attained US FAA Category 1 on October 23, 2010 under former President Jonathan. Buhari is desperate for achievements.

10-Buhari lied by claiming the visa on arrival policy as his achievements. This policy was unveiled in 2013 by Olusegun Aganga, Jonathan’s minister of industry.

11-Buhari lied when he said he has reduced inflation. In truth, inflation increased by 50% from 9.8% when Buhari took over in May 2015, to 13.34%. The last time Nigeria enjoyed single digit inflation rate was under ex President Jonathan

12-Buhari lied about the so called unprecedented FIRS tax revenue and customs receipt. When you factor in the devaluation of the Naira by the Buhari government. The revenues made is actually about half the revenues made in 2014 when Naira was ₦150 to $1

13-Buhari said the ₦2.7trillion capital expenditure for 2016 and 2017 combined is a record.₦2.7 trillion is worth $8 billion today. It is not up to the ₦1.6 trillion Jonathan allocated for capital expenditure in 2013 which was equivalent to $9.6 billion

14-Buhari lied by saying Nigeria is more secure under him. According to the Global Terrorism Index, Nigeria is now the THIRD most terrorised nation in the world. We were number 4 under Jonathan. We have moved 1 step backward. Herdsmen now kill more than BH

15-Buhari lied that he has reduced corruption in Nigeria. According to Transparency International, Nigeria is more corrupt under Buhari than it was at ANYTIME during the Jonathan administration. We have moved 12 steps backwards from 136 to 144 on TI’s CPI

16-Buhari lied about increased foreign exchange inflos into Nigeria. Whereas Nigeria was the NUMBER ONE destination for FDI in Africa under Jonathan, under Buhari we are not even among the top 10 destinations in Africa.

17-Buhari lied when he says he is fighting corruption.Transparency International revealed that unbudgeted security votes given to APC officials have suddenly increased to $670 million. They suspect it is to fund Buhari’s reelection

18-Buhari lied he will bring criminals to justice. Facts contradict this assertion. Under Buhari, close to 1000 so called ‘repentant’ Boko Haram terrorists have been released. Herdsmen killing Nigerians have not been prosecuted. Instead they are defended

19-Buhari should not attempt to take any credit for the Not Too Young Bill. He is 75 and does not have a single youth in his cabinet. Not even one. His heart is not in the bill. He was not the promoter. He just wants to reap where he didn’t sow

Finally, I urge President Muhammadu Buhari to remember that he is fasting and Ramadan fast is not only about abstinence from food, it is also about abstaining from lies. I congratulate him on his new Guinness World Record of most lies in a single speech

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