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Friday 14 December 2018

Our Stock Market Has Lost Over Two Trillion In One Year - Peter Obi

The Vice Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Peter Obi, has said that Nigeria will be faced with a crisis if the nation does not create jobs.

Obi made this known while addressing issues on economic policies at the NEDG, BON Vice-Presidential debate on Friday.

He said that addressing economic issues should be given great priority, stressing that revamping the economy cannot be relegated at the expense of the fight against corruption.

“Fighting corruption is not an economic policy, it is not that you can’t fight corruption, but you can fight it more aggressively while addressing economic issues”.

The former governor of Anambra state who was of the opinion that the greatest of governments operate as a business, lamented over the increasing rate of unemployment in the country and economic losses incurred by Nigeria.

He said: “In 2015 unemployment rate was 24 percent but today it is 40.

“In 2015, we were attracting 21billion dollars in foreign direct investment; we attracted only 12 last year.

“Our GDP was five hundred and twenty in 2015 and per-capital was two thousand five hundred, today it is under 1900.

“Our stock market has lost over two trillion in one year”.

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