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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Jess Hilarious Apologizes to Muslim Community After 4 Sikhs Were Removed From A Plane When She Said She Felt Threatened By Their Presence

Comedian Jess Hilarious has been in the news for days now after she racially profiled four Sikhs on a plane for no good reason except for how they were dressed then said she felt threatened by their presence, causing them to be removed from the plane.

The comedian even went as far as defending her actions at the time for being prejudiced and said she doesn't care what anyone says because she would do it over again if she feels threatened.

In videos shared online by Jess Hillarious on Sunday afternoon, the comedian identifies four Sikhs on her flight and began making trouble. In one of the videos saved by someone else before she deleted it, Jess zooms in on a Sikh man boarding in front of her, inhales audibly to show her discomfort and asks, "Where you going? Where are you going?!"

The flight was later deplaned for unknown reasons, and when other passengers returned to the plane, the Sikhs were not onboard. Jess posted in follow-up videos that the Sikhs did not return to the plane. She used that as evidence that she was right about them and used very rude cuss words on people who cautioned her for her bias.

"F— y’all. I feel how I feel. I felt threatened and that was it. F— y’all." She said.
Later, she offered a pathetic excuse for an apology, saying: "Look y’all I’m not racist and never have I ever been. We have Muslims in my family however I was totally unaware of the different types of Muslims so yes I admit I’m ignorant to the facts so teach me. I got no one put off the f—in’ plane… I didn’t even say sh-t to anyone else on the f—in’ plane about how I felt! Again I’m sorry to ALL Muslims… deeply sorry! But I am not a racist loves."

Social media users refused to accept her half-apology and she has now released a proper apology after some Sikhs reached out to educate her. She posted a video on her personal Instagram page with the caption, "Official Statement Regarding Sikh & Muslim Community. Please don’t believe everything you see and hear, this is what it really is."
She says in her apology:

So, naturally in my previous post, I was defensive, but that’s what happens when you don’t take the time to really know what’s transpiring.

In understanding the error of my actions, I have to first acknowledge the rooted issues, which means racially profiling a group of individuals based on their appearance and on top of that—publicizing it on a platform where others can be hurt by it and others were hurt from it.

She adds:

I’m not sure if these particular individuals that were on the plane are aware of my actions by now, but either way, I would love to apologize personally to them first for my insensitive and ignorant behavior. Yet, I would still like to apologize to all of you who were aware and offended by my actions.

She continues, saying: "I refuse to teach, spread or be an advocate for hatred—I just want to make people laugh."

A number of people still think her apology is not sincere and only came because Fox threatened to cut her off.

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