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Thursday, 4 April 2019

Your Ears Contain No Dirt. So Stop Using Cotton Buds On It - Doctor Give Reasons

A doctor has warned that it is detrimental to clean the ears with cotton buds.

Doctor Nonso, a Twitter user, said using cotton buds to clean the ears only pushes the wax closer to the eardrums and can cause problems in the future.

He added that the ear cleans itself when you chew or yawn by slowly pushing the wax to the outer layer of the ear.

He went on to say that ear wax isn't dirt that needs to be removed but is actually useful to humans.

According to him, ear wax "actually keeps your ear free from insects and dirt for instance! Also, because it is acidic, it prevents fungi from growing in your ear So removing your wax does more harm than good."

Read the rest of his tweets about ear care below.

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