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Friday, 31 May 2019

"Diversity Does Not Bring Unity And It Does Not Bring Strength" - Imam Of Peace, Imam Tawhidi

Imam Tawhidi, an Iranian-Australian Muslim religious leader who refers to himself as the Imam of Peace, has addressed people from other countries who go to the West and expect their host country to change for them.

Tawhidi said diversity and "multiculturalism at all costs" is the fastest way to destroy a country, therefore, it is wrong for people from other countries with different cultures to come to the West and try to force "the host nation to accommodate your beliefs".
He wrote on Facebook: "Diversity does not bring unity and it does not bring strength. Diversity brings and has already brought less tolerant people into a tolerant society, expecting them to tolerate their intolerance. Multiculturalism *at all costs* is the fastest way to destroy a country. If you move to the West then you are expected to behave like the rest of the West. You can eat and wear whatever you like, but you cannot impose your ideology on society, and expect the host nation to accomodate your beliefs. There is no room for diversity in a Conservative Government. I am a temporary migrant. Once it’s safe for me to return to Iran, I will. We are all guests in the West. Watching the West change for me, permanently, is ridiculous. What the hell is wrong with you?"

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