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Thursday, 4 July 2019

See The Irish Mum Who Still Breast Feed Her 4-year-old Son

A mum has sparked an online debate after revealing she still breastfeeds her four year old son. While some reactions were in her support, others voiced their disapproval saying he's too old with one going as far as to call it Child abuse.

Comedian and writer Riona, 38, from Kerry, Ireland, took to her Facebook page to post her heartfelt birthday tribute to her four-year-old.

"He's four today. I'm so in love with and proud of everything he is. I'm so proud of what he's made me become.

"I  never thought that when the midwife first laid him on my breast that I would still be doing this for years later.

"If you know me you know my self esteem can be through the floor at times. Those times I've thought, I might not be able to do much but I can do this.

"So thank you my body but mostly thank you my baby for coming into my life. I'm so incredibly lucky to have you".

One mum wrote: "I still remember days of hiding breastfeeding my just shy of 3 year old to sleep out of fear of ridicule. Wish I had the strong mental health that I do now 3 years ago to have just confidently done it!"

Another woman said :"There comes a time in a child’s life that even the bottle and pacifier need to be taken away. I am all for breastfeeding but I do think there is a cut off point."

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