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Saturday 3 August 2019

When Will You Grow Some Balls? When Will You Be A Man? - FFK To Adeboye

It is no longer news that no less than five Pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) have been abducted in Ijebu Ode, Ogun state. This is sad and regrettable. It was also avoidable.

Vice President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Pastor of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, erudite and distinguished Professor of Law and number one cheerleader, shameless lackey and garrolous Man Friday of President Muhammadu Buhari, Yemi Osinbajo over to you. What will you tell us now?

Three years ago one of your fellow Pastors from Redeemed Church of God, a lady of remarkable courage and strength, was butchered in the streets of Abuja by northern Muslim fundamentalists for preaching the gospel in the early hours of the morning and you said and did nothing.

Since then thousands of innocent people and hundreds of clerics from different Churches and denominations have been murdered by the same people and their Fulani terrorists and again you have said nothing.

The only thing you have done is praise and encourage our tormentors and act as a cheerleader and defender of Buhari and his Phillistines. This does not fit or serve you well.

Now that five Pastors from your own RCCG Church have been abducted by the Fulani terrorists what do you have to say?

Is Buhari still your Messiah? Do you still love him and believe that he is doing a great job? Do you still believe that the scourge and menace of Fulani herdsmen that kill, rape, pillage and abduct our people is “exagerrated”?

Do you still want us to be praying for the Fulani herdsmen? Do you still believe that we should not protect ourselves against them even when your Government refuses to protect or defend us? Are we still to be treated and regarded as your little personal sacrifice to Buhari? Are our lives that expendable?

How many more people do the Fulani terrorists have to slaughter and abduct before your eyes open? Do you not feel any sense of shame or guilt? Do you have any empathy or compassion for the victims?

Do you feel any sense of outrage about what these barbaric aliens are doing to YOUR people and do you feel any remorse for sitting by silently and allowing them to do it?

How did you feel about the slaughter of Mrs. Funke Fasoranti-Olakurin the other day, the butchering of a Catholic priest by the name of Rev. Father Paul Offu in Enugu yesterday and countless other killings and abductions by the Fulani herdsmen?

Does your boss Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu still believe that the killers of Funke and the abductors of those that were with her are Igbos like the self-confessed and notorious kidnapper Evans? Is he still asking “where are the cows?” Will that be your collective spin once again this time around?

Do you know how much shame you have brought to the Body of Christ and how much innocent blood your Fulani terrorist friends and allies have spilt?

Do you know how many Christians have condemned your RCCG and criticised your much-loved and reverred spiritual father, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, all because of you?

When will you grow some balls? When will you be a man? When will you build up your tetesterone levels? When will you get some energy and show some strength and courage? When will you say no to this great evil? When will you stand up to this tyranny? When will you say to Buhari that enough is enough?

How many more innocent and defenceless people have to be killed, raped, tortured and abducted before you consider resigning and breaking your alliance with the forces of darkness and the earthly representatives of the Anti-Christ? I sincerely hope that you experience a Paulian conversion or have a change of heart and come home and repent, like the prodigal son, before it is too late and before you are uttetly destroyed.

Talking about fathers, permit me to share the following.
In response to the abduction of the five RCCG Pastors, Pastor Enoch Adeboye, the General Overseer of the Church said the following:

“As a father, how do you think I should feel to hear that five of my children have been kidnapped while on their way to attend the Ministers Conference?”.

My heart goes out to Papa G-O as we pray for the speedy release of his Pastors and sons. I am however constrained to add the following and I say it from a position of the deepest love and respect:

Sir, it is time for you to condemn and renounce President Muhammadu Buhari and to stop sitting on the fence. If you refuse to do so this madness will NOT stop!

The Pastor Enoch Adeboye that I know, love and reverre loves and serves the Living God, despises all forms and manifestations of wickedness, is pure in spirit, deplores injustice and has always believed that the worse believer is better than the best unbeliever.

You have thousands of sons all over the country and on all sides of the political divide, including yours truly.

You are respected, reverred, trusted and loved by millions across the nation and across the globe. You have immense favour and goodwill before God and man and you are blessed beyond measure.

I respectfully ask you sir, why should you sacrifice all that for Yemi Osinbajo and turn a blind eye to the evil of Buhari and his people simply because of your love for him? Do you not love the rest of us too? Are our lives and that of our loved ones not more precious to you than the Vice Presidency of Nigeria? Surely that cannot be the case.

Something must be done! Something has to give! Something has to change! The Lord Himself cannot be happy with this regular quantum of bloodshed and spilling of innocent blood!

He cannot be pleased with the level of terror and tyranny that our people have been subjected to.

I beg you in God’s name sir to stand with the voiceless, the weak, the defenceless, the innocent, the vulnerable, the oppressed, the suffering and the victims of this demonic bloodfest rather than with the villanous oppressors and the vile tormentors.

I implore you to ensure that you are on the right side of history and that posterity treats you kindly. You deserve no less given what you have achieved over the years. Your silence speaks volumes and it has hurt and discouraged millions of believers.

Your tacit support for the Buhari administration and for Yemi is becoming more of an embarrasment as each day passes. It is unecessary, unwise, uncalled for and unsustainable. It is those of us that love and revere you that can really tell you the truth. And we do so because we adore you and we care! That is why I have written these words and not to in any way embarass, insult or disrespect you.

The truth is that a saint and a man that is as close to being an angel as is possible for any mortal like you cannot be seen to be supporting or condoning evil or standing on the side of bloodthirsty and evil men who seek to destroy and devour the Church of God, to destroy the Christian faith, to stop the spreading of the gospel, to lay siege, slay and prey upon the lives of the downtrodden, defenceless and the innocent and to turn God’s children and His elect into celebrated urchins and worthless slaves.

I hope and pray that my counsel will be considered favourably both for the sake of your Church and your excellent and irreproachable reputation. However, time is running out. The sooner you take a firm stand and speak out against this evil the better for us all.

Permit me to conclude this contribution with the following. The murder of Rev. Father Paul Offu, Catholic priest, by Fulani terrorists in Enugu yesterday provides yet another example of the barbaric and homicidal disposition of the herdsmen.

I wonder how clerics like Bishop Matthew Hassan Kukah and Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, who have consistently defended the atrocities of these vagrant beasts feel about this latest act of barbarity and wickedness? I wonder how they and Pastor Osinbajo sleep at night?

Those who target innocent and defenceless women and children and our reverred and noble clerics for butchery and slaughter are nothing but cold-blooded killers and wholesale cowards who are too weak and timid to take on real men in battle.

May God judge them and all those that sponsor, support and encourage them ever so harshly.

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