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Monday, 16 September 2019

See How MTN Nigeria Wants To Help Your Love Life

Relationship Twitter is one of the hottest segments of Nigerian Twitter. Everyday, there are at least a hundred pictures or videos that receive a “God when” response, and we aren’t even exaggerating that number. On days when the leaders of the gang want to pepper everyone, they just decide to make threads of very mushy things they are doing in their relationships and get single people all riled up.

Summer is loading (although some couples have already begun their summer vibes) and things are about to get out of hand. Expectations are that more fire photos from baecations will show up on the internet. Sadly, single people are not the only ones that get riled up when the “awwwn” replies and other cute responses start rolling in. People in long distance relationships sometimes get the heat too, even more than they would like to admit. Like some people will say in Nigeria pidgin, “e beta say I no get than say I get boo and we no fit do all these sweet things”.

In fairness to people in long distance relationships, the game is harder. Like have you sent a harmless message before and watched the whole chat take a different turn? You could even add emojis to smoothen things and your case will get worse. You now have to spend the little time you both get quarreling or explaining context and what not. It is hard, really hard.

Before we go further, let us mention that if physical touch is a strong part of your love language spectrum (we say spectrum because some people have more than one, lol), then long distance relationships might not be for you. There will be days when pillow hugs won’t be enough, days when reminiscing that last kiss won’t be enough. Just plan more visits. People who fall into the other categories can cope better.

Now, if words of affirmation and quality time are your thing, MTN’s new 4G+ service is just right for you. Why? You now have faster internet connection to call your loved one and say all the nice things you want to say to them. You can even add a video call, because with 200mbps, videos now load faster, so your face will be so clear, they will see the true emotions on your face, no misconceptions. This new service is also coming with slashes to the data bundle, so you get more video time for less.

On the other hand, if your partner likes receiving gifts or seeing acts of service, this is a good time to be alive. First, the data slash means you are saving more on a huge part of your monthly expenses, so more money to buy something lovely, no matter how little (it is the thought that counts). Beyond that, you even have more data to search all corners of the internet to find the best gifts ever. Don’t dull. As for people who want that devotion, take up some parts of their work, help them with research, discover new channels where they can watch the best tutorials focused on their skills or just be there to google important questions they have. Data isn’t the problem, MTN has solved that.

Having said all of that, if these tips don’t work, please plan a summer baecation and enjoy yourself. Just don’t take too many pictures to tension others.

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