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Friday, 11 October 2019

JUDAS THE RAT: Vector Finally Replies MI Abaga

Rapper, Vector has replied MI Abaga's diss track with a diss track of his own titled 'Judas the Rat' - Pastor's son, and fans are loving it.

MI, last week released an explosion track titled Viper blasting Vector as a fake rapper who has never helped anyone succeed. He also stated that Vector should take his advice of opening up his heart to help people if he wants to succeed .

MI even offered to 'sign' Vector and give him 20million Naira, if he humbles himself - and the song is one of the top trending songs on Nigerian YouTube since it was released, with many rap fans believing Vector could not come back from such an attack.
But Vector, today, decided to take his beef battle with MI Abaga a step further by releasing a new diss track. In the track Vector claims MI says he helped people so why couldn't he help his own brother, Jesse Jags.

Vector also claimed in the song that MI signs people to use them and when he is done, he disposes them. 

Listen to the song and tell us who you think won the rap battle, MI or Vector..?

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