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Saturday 16 November 2019

Frank Lampard Imposes £20,000 On Players For Being Late To Training

Chelsea football club, after suffering damaging loses at the beginning of the season to Manchester United and Liverpool have been on a roller coaster ride, winning their last 6 games in the English Premier league, which has left the club sitting third in the EPL standings.

Fans from the outside watching Chelsea play might feel the good results are due to Lampard's tactics and training, which might be true, but new details emerging from Chelsea's Cobhams training headquarters indicate that head coach Frank Lampard has set new rules with mind blowing fines attached to them, which has helped keep his players very disciplined.

A list of the heavy fines for breaching club rules and regulations has emerged. and it contains12 fine-worthy infringements such as £500 for every minute that you are late for a team meeting, and a hefty £20,000 for being late to training..
In addition, it is stated that all fines must be paid within two weeks of being issued, after which they will be doubled.

See the full list of rules and fines below, and tell us if you think it's excessive or it's the right move by Frank Lampard.

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