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Friday 8 November 2019

[OPINION]: The Real @SaintOraye Franklin - Dede Amadi

Show me a traitor, and I’ll unveil a portrait of Oraye St. Franklin. Try to defend that portrait and make attempts at branding it as revolutionary or radical, and I’ll call you a blind fool for not recognizing the signs of a painted sepulchre.

The features of a blackmailer are never external or easily seen, but they are uncovered with hard evidence, and when such happens, it is only proper to call a spade nothing else but a spade.

As much as you, dear reader, may want to doubt this, this is not a politically motivated piece. It is a cry to stop a man in his tracks, who seem not to be able to know when to stop his inclinations to atrocious dealings. And I do implore you, for the many who choose to fight for justice with their pens and voices, to join in, as I am sure you will be inclined to after reading this.

On June 1, 2019, news tabloids read, “Wike’s Aide, Oraye St. Franklin, Resigns”. He was the Senior Special Assistant on Social Media to the Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike. He had served with Wike since 5th November, 2015 during the governor’s first tenure, and after a series of mentions in the media during a spell at the last gubernatorial elections in the state where certain video clips on alleged military perpetuation of election violence were released, in an unseen move, the man resigns, and runs to Abuja.

This sounds harmless enough, but then, the plot did thicken at several points and it choked him, and he desperately sought a way to escape, and eventually did; the public just didn’t know what was going on. Internal affairs with him smelled very strongly of disloyalty and blackmail, and, of course, truth-seekers like me dug further.

This man who claims to be currently serving as the spokesman for Dr. (Mrs.) Seinye Lulu-Briggs and the media manager for La Sien Group, the conglomerate owned by Dr. (Mrs.) Seinye Lulu-Briggs, left direct involvement in government because his dubious history had begun pursuing him. He is actually out of job at the moment, and the truth is that most of the political class tend to avoid him for his reputation of using dirt from working with them to slander their names.

It began with Rotimi Amaechi, the serving Federal Minister for Transport, who sponsored his Masters education abroad in Scotland. He seemed to be very pro-Amaechi on the outside, and in the same manner with which he left Wike, he leaves Amaechi too. The desire to not associate with him anymore was so strong that he failed time and again at attempts to reconcile with the Minister.

During his term with Gov. Wike, several evidenced reports had it that he was a chronic debtor to the people who worked for him in a make believe office he set up. He also never paid them their wages when due, and as you must anticipate, they all had to leave him eventually. This was a man who received several millions of naira to run his office.

His terrible administration of his office lead to his eventual replacement. But then, snake that he is, he saw the move coming and chose to voluntarily resign and run to Abuja to begin a new career of political blackmail. He did not want to appear as a failed employee. He frantically desires to protect his outer covering, this extension that lies.

That extension is cracking now. People are seeing it, and it is only a matter of time that what lies beneath comes to bear, and then facts will meet with reality, and the “saint” will become decanonized. I fear for Mrs Seinye Lulu Briggs truly, because a leopard never changes it’s spots and indeed when Mr Saint Franklin feels out of favor or threatened by his current employers, he will surely do what he knows how to do best, resort to blackmailing them with everything he knows about them and we will be here to read it.

What does it profit a man to surround himself with suspicious acts and present himself as benign? What does it profit a man to be a snake? What does it profit a man to continue in the path of gaining the trust of a boss and mentor and then betraying and blackmailing him or her in the end? What?

The answer is nothing.

Dede Amadi is a Political Analyst and Opinion Blogger and writes from
Port Harcourt

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