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Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Our Revenge Against US Is A God Given Promise - Iran New Military General

Following the US Military strike that killed Iranian General Qassem Soleimani on Friday, putting the Middle East on edge over a potential war between the US and Iran, the new successor to Soleimani, who was before his death leader of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Quds Forces, has vowed to avenge his death.
Major General Ismail Qaani, who was announced as Soleimani's successor just hours after he was killed, vowed retribution for his death on Monday while crying over his coffin as thousands gathered in the streets of Tehran as part of a three day burial ceremony.

"The revenge for Soleimani's martyrdom is a promise given by God," Qaani said, according to Iranian state-news agency IRNA.

"We promise to continue Martyr Soleimani’s path with the same strength and his martyrdom will be reciprocated in several steps by removing the US from the region."

After Qaani threatened to remove the US from the region, the military adviser to Iran's Supreme Leader told CNN that the response to the US strike would "for sure be military" on a military site.
Just on Sunday, Iraqi lawmakers, outraged over the killing of Soleimani on Iraqi soil, voted to remove US forces from the country but US President Trump threatened to sanction Iraq if US troops were kicked out as the U.S had open trillions of dollars protecting the country for years.

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