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Wednesday 5 February 2020

Muslim Man Takes A Dig At Arewa Women

Aliyu Jalal has taken a dig at Arewa women for not knowing how to coyly indicate interest in men they really admire.

This is coming weeks after  23-year-old Kano man, Sulaiman Isa who is set to marry a 46-year-old American, Jeannine Sanchez, said his decision to settle for the white woman was because Hausa women are not romantic.

Jalal warned Arewa women to step up their game as "Oyinbo women have made a research and found a secret about Arewa men and have started picking them"

"Arewa girls will admire you, admire the whole of you - your gait, your aura, your physique, your beard. They'll even admire the little details you don't notice about yourself such as the boldness of your Adam's Apple and how it stands erect as though threatening to break away from the bondage of your neck. But they'll never let you know. They'll never let you know how your steps make them imagine their future kids and how your voice makes their eggs want to harsh themselves.

They'll keep it inside them wishing you'll notice them on your own, and then get angry at you for failing to, even though they haven't even put it out for you in the first place. They want you to figure out on your own that they're there even though they refuse to place their feelings and presence on the surface. They lock themselves securely inside metal tents and then expect you to make the effort of jumping inside it to reach them. They won't even throw that careless

"Fine boy, how're your girlfriends?" and then give you chance to calculate the rest.
So it's already 2020 and Oyinbo women have made a research and found a secret about us and have started picking us.

A word is enough for the wise." Jalal wrote.

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