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Tuesday 10 March 2020

REPOST: A Terrorist In Royal Apparel

Fresh facts have emerged as to why the government of late Sani Abacha did not kill Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), governor, Lamido Sanusi, in 1995, after he and eight other jihadists mobilized crazed extremists to behead Gideon Akaluka in jail
Akaluka, a young igbo trader, allegedly desecrated the Koran. He was arrested after his wife allegedly used pages of the Koran as toilet paper for her baby. After he was locked up by the police, a group of Muslim fundamentalists break into the jail, beheaded Akaluka, and paraded his bodiless head around the streets of Kano. investigation has revealed the role Sanusi, an alleged Boko Haram sympathizer, and proponent of the controversial Islamic Bank, played in the murder of Akaluka, and why the Abacha regime decided to  lock him up for two years for the murder of Akaluka.
Sources hinted that shortly after returning from Khartoum, Sudan where he earned a degree in Sharia and Islamic studies, at the International University of Africa, Sanusi became a recluse and immersed himself in the Koran and became a teacher of the Hadith as espoused by the Wahabbists.
Wahhabism  is an ultra-conservative branch of Sunni Islam. It is a religious movement among fundamentalist (with an aspiration to return to the primordial fundamental Islamic sources Qur`an, Hadeeth and Scholarly consensus (Ijma)) Islamic believers. Wahhabism was a popular revivalist movement instigated by an eighteenth century theologian, Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703–1792) from Najd, Saudi Arabia.
Sanusi, who is alleged to detests the President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, because according to him, it is anti-islam, was part of a nine man clique of extremists who had a huge following.
A source said, “ when Sanusi returned from Sudan where he associated with very extreme personalities, he was not a happy man. he was treated like an outcast in royal circles because his grandfather,  was deposed as Emir of Kano. So his anger grew. “
During that period, the incident of desecration of the Koran by the Akalukas surfaced. According to our source, during that period the Abacha government was not comfortable with the activities of the extremists in Kano, who they view with suspicion.
The regime, it was gathered, silently assassinated a lot of them. Said our source “ When Akaluka was locked up, Sanusi and eight others mobilized some extremist mob who stormed the prison and killed Akaluka. The regime identified the masterminds, so  mandated its hit squad to eliminate the nine, including Sanusi .” gathered that eight of the masterminds were assassinated by Abacha, but for the intervention of former First Bank chairman, and father of Christmas Day bomber, Alhaji Umar Mutallab and others.
“ It was Muttallab and the rest who were heavy sponsors of Islamic activities who prevailed on Abacha to spare Sanusi. They are argued that since he has gone through a lot, treated like a pariah in the royal circles because his grandfather was deposed, he should be spared. So They decided to remove him from Kano to Sokoto where he was locked up for two years.” Said the source
It was further learnt that after his release from prison, Sanusi was handed over to Mutallab who pushed him into banking because he(Sanusi) had a degree in Economics from Ahmadu Bello University (ABU). From there he moved to the United Bank for Africa, and the First bank, from  where he rose quietly until late President Umar Yar’Adua recruited him to head CBN and spearhead the introduction of the Islamic Bank.

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