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Wednesday 11 March 2020

The Perfectio Plus By Zero Gravity Now Available In Nigeria

Perfectio+ uses LED (Light-Emitting-Diodes) technology, using red and infrared light that can effectively penetrates into the skin. The LED light is known to promote production of cells, collagen fibers and elastin.

Perfectio+ treats all layers of the skin — epidermis, dermis, and all the way down to the hypodermis — from surface to core.

The Perfectio+ treatment probe (metal head) will heat up to 40° to 42° Celsius (104° to 107° Fahrenheit) to provide topical heating that increases local blood flow at the treated area.
Red and infrared light treatment is completely safe and has no reported side effects. Perfectio+ is clinically proven and was found safe to use.
Perfectio+ comes with a lifetime warranty.

We look forward to your patronage.

Our address and contact:
Inscope Global Resources Limited
Top floor, 11 Ogunlana Drive, Surulere, Lagos.

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