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Tuesday 7 April 2020

Common Misconceptions About Opportunity And Luck In Businesses

A Common Misconception About Opportunity (Or Luck).

Often Times, We Define Luck As When Preparation Meets Opportunity.  

To Some Degree That Definition Is Right But Not Totally Correct.

For Instance, Take Your Life As A Practical Example.

I Can Bet You've Found Yourself Doing Somethings You Initially Had No Idea About And Still Get Paid For It (For The Job Done). That's Luck!

Opportunity Is Making The Most Out Of Such Environment, Learn The Pros And Cons/Or Better Still The Nature Of The Job, Learn/And Improve Your Skills To Suit The Job.

We See These Things Everyday.

An Engineer Now A Banker. A Biochemist Now A Software Engineer. An Accountant Now A Banker. A Doctor Now A Politician...

Luck Will Take You There But Opportunity Will Keep You There! 

Stay Safe

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