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Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Imo Politicians Must Rise Above Propaganda by Adiela Nwosu


My state is one of the states in Nigeria that makes news for a number of reasons. Some of which I must honestly say I find weird.
Social Media which avails opportunity to first; connect with people whether we are familiar with them or just seeking acquaintance then, it creates a platform for reaching out to later audiences and having direct connection with people, be it for business purposes, politics or simply to socialize.

The use of social media in recent times in Imo state especially in the Political circle has become Embarrassingly Harum- scarum and honestly this is putting it lightly. Activities recognized by the law as fraudulent such as; Libel, Impersonation, and Slander are gradually taking over the Political space and seeking to be the order of the day.

It has become glaring how political camps cleave unto the use of propaganda so much that no room is left for critical thinking, Constructive Criticism if need be and most Important Strategic engagements. This must be the reason why persons come into power in Imo state and carry on with campaign activities, seeking validation and tantrum throwing which by the way ought to be left for the opposing side. They forget that in Politics validation can only come from the art of 'Good Governance '.

Forgive me but whoever sold that dummy of propaganda being the only way to criticize, hold a government responsible or in response of criticism needs to be summoned and the dummy returned.

Truth, accuracy, un-bias and Independence are some sacred basic principles of reporting. It is meant to be upheld by individuals who either occupy Sensitive offices or have been given the mandate to give out information to the public concerning an organization or establishment. Unfortunately, it appears to be going extinct and swiftly in my dear Imo state while leaders of different Political parties and camps become Insouciant because many of them have become grandmasters and sponsors to these malicious activities. Hence why there is 'Conspiracy of Silence '. 

A good example can be seen in the incident which took place yesterday Monday, 20th April 2020 when a false publication in form of a press statement made it's way to various social platforms. Not only was it fake it also impersonated a person currently serving in the government of the day.

As terrible as this act is, I will not fail to state that the unfortunate incident of yesterday was but a 'Clap back' to a new level of low; a response which was alleged to have been introduced by an office holder in the present day government which involved the use of the logo of another Political party also in a fake Publication. It's important I also state in clear terms that this act was in turn a 'clap back' provoked by the incessant, unhealthy and uncouth attacks from certain persons in the quarters of the opposing side.

I hate to put tags on people but it's become pertinent to say that the opposing side in Imo state is fast making a name as a group of propagandists because of the way affairs are handled using social media. The consequence of that is; Loss of Trust and Credibility. Also the attitude of the general public towards issues arising from Imo is becoming blaisé and that isn't a good one knowing how much the ruling side can take advantage if they ever get insight. 

On the part of the circle that handles Media and Information for the ruling side in Imo state I will say, the world sees unprofessionalism, and so much Laxity that leaves the public wondering if the Oscitant display, nonchalant attitude, and carelessness is a conspiracy against the government it's meant to serve.

What's the logical explanation for using propaganda to respond to propaganda concocted by some quarters known to dish out lies? 
How do you explain reaching out to a waiting public almost 9hrs after a publication of that magnitude was released?
Where is the respect for Imolites?. I'm aware that not everything deserves a response but certainly not for yesterday's episode of the nauseating drama.
You're ruling, you're accountable to Imolites. Be proactive ! Be responsive ! Bring your A game to the table. 

Now to Media Houses and Digital media experts, please be disciplined enough to verify information before putting it out to the public. No responsible media outlet will rush to give out information that it hasn't verified. A simple call to the affected quarters in every matter arising would spare you the embarassment. Do not lose credibility over what you know nothing about. 

On a final note, I'll say; Imo belongs to us all, we cannot sit back and watch fellow Imolites run riot with toxic content dished out daily on Social media in the name of politics. These things have a way of affecting our cognitive and behavioral development which could affect our mental health.

This is therefore a call, all Imolites especially our leaders in politics to see the need for admonishing party faithfuls to be responsible in carrying out activities on Cyber space and also see the need for trainings on how to handle media engagements. Help lift our dear state above these embarrassing conducts.

By Adiela Nwosu.

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