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Sunday, 26 April 2020

The Kinds Of People You Will Meet In A Corporate Environment And Who To Avoid

Two Years Working In The Corporate Environment, And I Can Categorically Tell You The Kinds Of People You Will Meet And Who To Avoid.

1. The Monitoring Spirit: At First, You Will Find Them Welcoming, And Interesting. With Time, Their True Nature Surfaces. This Kind Of People Want To Know Where You From, Your Work Experience, What You Can Do, Your Religion, If You Married, Your Family, Everything About You. They Want To Know Your Next 5 Years Plan, How Long You Will Be Working With The Organization, What You Want To Achieve With The Organization, etc. Worse Is When You Share Cubicle With Them; They Monitor Everything You Do On The Computer. Avoid Them!

2. The Nonchalant: This Kind Of People Are The Real Jokers. Their Only Concern Is SALARY. Whether The Organization Make Revenues Or Not, Is Not Their Business. They Never Go The Extra Mile To Achieve Anything Related With The Organization. Anything Aside Their Job Description, You Are On Your Own. But They Are Fun To Be With.

3. The Boasters: This Kind Of People, You Never Take Them Seriously, Even If What They Are Saying Is True. They Are The Ones That Will Brag About How Many Side Businesses They Have, How They Don't Depend On Their Salaries. There Is No Job Experience This Kind Of People Don't Have. They Talk A Lot. In A Conversation, They Are Always The Ones Talking. Your Job Is To Be Doing 'eh, Really, How Many, etc'.

4. The Puppets: This Kind Of People Have No Say Of Their Own. Their Speech Is Always, 'He Said, She Said, CEO Said, MD Said, etc'. Even When Those Mentioned Didn't Say Anything Related To That. You Know Why? Their Kind Of People Will Shift Their Own Work To Your Desk And Tell You That The Boss Said It. But They Are Very Loyal To The Organization.

5. The Users: Just Avoid This Kind Of People. Worse Is When They Are Your Direct Bosses. If You Like Kill Yourself While Doing Your Work, Is Not Their Business. They Will Never Tell You Thank You For Job Well Done. It's Very Easy  To Identify This Kind Of People. They Are Always Attributed With 'Pastor'. They Like Money A Lot, And They Are Very Stingy And Wicked.

6. The Ones Who Think They Are Underpaid: This Kind Of People Are Very Smart And Intelligent. They Know Their Worth, So You Won't Really Complain When They Grumble. They Know The Job Well.

7. The Normal People: Truth Is There Are No Normal People In Corporate Environment. Let Just Say People Who Mind Their Businesses. 

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