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Monday 20 April 2020

Trump Says Nancy Pelosi Will Be Overthrown after Giving Him An F Grade For COVID-19 Response

US President Donald Trump has asserted that US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will be overthrown from her position as America's number three leader soon, calling her an inherently dumb person after she appeared on Fox News to talk about Trump's response to the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Trump, Nancy Pelosi wasted all her time focusing on his impeachment, which was a failed attempt. He also blasted news network, Fox News, for granting Pelosi an interview.
Pelosi told Fox News Sunday during a virtual interview with host Chris Wallace, that she didn't understand why people were protesting coronavirus lockdowns and stay-at-home orders;

 'We're all impatient. We all want out. But what they're doing is really unfortunate,' she said of the protesters 'I wouldn't over exaggerate the protests,'

'I think of it largely as a distraction – and the president's embrace of it as a distraction'

'We're way late on it.' Pelosi said about Coronavirus testing. 'And that is the failure,' she told Wallace. 'President gets an 'F.' A failure on the testing.'

Trump in reaction took to his Twitter to blast Pelosi; 'Nervous Nancy is an inherently 'dumb' person. She wasted all of her time on the Impeachment Hoax,' Trump tweeted.

'She will be overthrown, either by inside or out, just like her last time as 'Speaker',' he continued, adding an insult at his one-favorite news network: 'Wallace & @FoxNews are on a bad path, watch!'

Trump last week blasted the US House Speaker after she released a 'dear colleague' letter claiming Trump had lied to the American people about coronavirus, which made Trump call her a 'weak and pathetic puppet'

Pelosi in defending her attack of the US leader told ABC News' George Stephenopoulos Sunday morning that the reason she sent the letter to her colleagues was because she was 'afraid' the president would treat coronavirus as a 'hoax' 

'I'm afraid that he's going to act on the same basis of what he's acted before: 'it's a hoax,' 'it's magically going to disappear,'' Pelosi said.

'And that's why I sent out the letter that I did after Easter, because Easter gave me time for reflection and prayerfulness about, 'Ok, we don't want to keep harping on what he did wrong.' Plus he failed,' she continued.

US Coronavirus death toll as at Monday is over 40,000.

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