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Monday 22 June 2020

Senators Earn Luxury Wages While Workers Are Paid Peanuts – Senator Ndume

Senator Ali Ndume has expressed disappointment with the wages Nigerian workers are paid across the country. 


Speaking at a webinar organised by the Emmanuel Chapel themed, ‘Economic stability beyond COVID-19’, the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Army said Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria Muhammadu Sanusi, vindicated his position on the high cost of running a presidential democracy which he said is no longer realistic. 


Ndume said; 


“We have a budget of N10tn and only 30 per cent is going to the majority, whereas 70 per cent will be spent on a few minority. The system we are practising now is not fair either morally or socially.

“In the current system, workers are not being paid living wages, whereas a privileged few are earning luxury wages. The National Assembly members, including me, for instance, are paid luxury wages.

“How can we live comfortably when only a few of us are living a life of luxury while the majority are living in abject poverty? The N30,000 minimum wage is too small; it can make workers engage in corruption in order to survive.”


The former Senate Leader also disclosed that lawmakers in the national assembly might kick against a change from presidential democracy to parliamentary system of government, because the current system of government works in their favour. 


The senator who represents Borno South Senatorial District said; 


“Parliamentary system is effective in the sense that the head of government is more or less one among equals of the parliamentarians.

“Therefore, accountability is achieved in the chamber in the sense that the prime minister has to be in the parliament every day, and he must give account of government to his colleagues.

“Also, ministers are selected among the elected parliamentarians. The idea is to reduce the cost of governance and make it more effective.”


Ndume also appealed to legal luminaries to come together and reach an agreement which will initiate the constitution amendment through referendum.

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