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Wednesday, 9 September 2020

Covid-19: Thousands Of Trump Fans Gather At Rally Without Masks

US President, Donald Trump, was back at the campaign trail on Tuesday night, September 8 in North Carolina as he prepares for the November 2020 election.


During the rally which had thousands of supporters packed into bleachers erected near an airport runway, there was very little social distancing among the crowd and few people used masks despite the US Coronavirus death toll approaching a record 200,000. 

Trump himself did not wear a mask during his speech in Winston-Salem, and appeared to be enjoying himself at the open-air rally, telling the crowd: 'This is better than a stadium!'


David Plyler, the Republican chairman of the Forsyth County Board of Commissioners, hours before the rally called on Trump to set an example by wearing a mask at the rally.

"You know what would be neat? If before he got off the plane, if he gave everybody a box of Make America Great Again masks," Plyler told CNN, noting that he couldn't attend the rally because he had a surgery scheduled for Tuesday.

"My concern is, we've got the virus here. The virus doesn't give a rip whether it's the president or God almighty himself. It's going to find its place, and the way we have to figure this, at least in my mind, is that we all have to be careful about it," he said. "They're talking about several thousand people showing up to a place that wasn't designed to have several thousand people show up. So, you get that many people in one place, and I don't think several thousand people are going to give themselves 6 feet apart, not at that airport, and you've got problems."


See more photos from the rally below.


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