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Monday, 7 September 2020

Exploitation: The Modern Day Slavery


The Very Moment We Understand The Concept Of Knowing That Those We Work And Share Common Goals With Are Not At Our Mercy/Or Favour. The Moment This Concept Is Understood And Applied, Only Then Can We Be Free From Every Form Of Exploitation And Prejudice By Knowing Our Roles (And Play) As An Individual In A Team.

Your Boss Is Not Doing You A Favour By PAYING You At The End Of Each Month. 

The English Dictionary Defines Payment As The Sum Of Money Paid In Exchange For Goods Or Services.

If You Are An Employer Of Labour, Please Drop This Idea That You Are Doing Your Employee A Favour.

The Moment This Erroneous Idea Is Conquered, Only Then Can You See People As 'People', And Not 'Slaves'. Only Then Can You Treat People With Respect And Dignity.

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