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Monday, 16 November 2020

Financial Intelligence: Knowing When To Draw The Line On Family And Friends


Take Your Time To Go Through This Till The End.

The Problem With Having A Good Heart Is That You Always Put Yourself Second Before Others. It Is Good But Time Will Teach You Why It's Risky, Either The Hard/Easy Way. There's A Huge Gap Between Placing Yourself Above Others, And Being Wicked. I Found Out That Most Of The Poor People At Their Old Age Who Live In Regrets Are Victims Of Having A Good Heart Or Being Wicked. Most Of These People Are Either Rich In Their Youth But Made Mistakes That They Wish They Could Correct If They Had The Time. For Me, I Realised That The Battle For Wealth For These People Is Time. Time Is Everything. Time Determines Everything. Time Reveals Everything.

So This Message Might Be 100% Useful For The Youths. If You're At Your Youth, Like Jack Ma Would Say, "Make Lots Of Mistakes." I Wish I Can Agree To That, But I Would Rather Rephrase By Saying, "Live Life Being Vigilant." I Know That Sounds Awkward. Life Is A Network Of People. We Meet People Everyday. Some Have Lived Past The Stage We Are Right Now, And Also Have Experiences We Don't Have Yet. Rather Than Making New Mistakes, Why Not Learn From The Experiences Of These People?

So As A Youth, You Have The Strength Now. Do All You Can To Earn A Living. When You Start Earning Either Little/More, Invest First In Yourself. Investing First In Yourself Here Doesn't Mean Do Whatever It Is That Makes You Happy, No. Some Of The Things We Tag As Happiness Are Only But Euphorias, Being Temporal. This Brings Me To The Conclusion Of Saying That They Are Two Kinds Of Rich People; The Ones Who Want To Be Rich For Living The Moment, And The Ones Who Want To Impart Their Generation And The World At Large. Either Of These Categories You Find Yourself To Be, At Some Point You Realise The Goal Is Not Just To Be Rich, But Staying Rich.

This Message Is Centred On Being Rich, And Staying Rich. This Is Where Your Brain Should Function More Than Your Heart. Never Help A Family/Friend More Than They Deserve. They Are The Fastest Source Of Losing Money. They Can Reduce You Financially Without You Even Noticing It Because Of The Comforting Thoughts You Keep Telling Yourself "I Have A Good Heart To Accommodate Them." You Should Know That Money Cometh, But It Also Goes Away Too. Even The Bible Kicks Against This. Jonah Was Thrown Out Of The Ship Because He's The Reason Why The Ship Was Sinking. Always Know When To Throw People Off Board. Put Yourself First. It Is Wisdom!

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